Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah Stands With Arizona's Governor

Sarah Palin recently appeared in Arizona at the request of governor Jan Brewer to stand in unison with her and most Arizonans in support of the new Arizona immigration enforcement law. The rhetoric from the left and especially Barack Obama has been shameful and an obvious attempt to divide the country by race for political advantage. It won't work, as most Americans support the Arizona law which actually has tougher language to avoid racial profiling than the federal law now on the books. Sarah made it clear in her remarks that the feds aren't doing their job to enforce our border security, and challenged the president to do just that. She didn't mince words and now has a new ally in Jan Brewer who herself has taken targeted shots at Obama for making jokes about the Arizona law and his shameful attempt to divide by race.

It's great to see conservative women standing up to this demagoguery perpetrated by this administration which came into office promising to be post partisan and post racial.  They are neither, and it seems the conservative women are the ones holding them accountable. Kudos to governor Jan Brewer and of course Sarah Palin for telling the truth about the law and upholding the immigration laws of our country. Let's take Sarah's advice and visit Arizona. Lets not let  boycott mania hurt a state that is standing strong against the left by protecting our borders and enforcing the law. Conservatives are very supportive of legal immigration and always have been. But, with the Mexican drug wars spilling  over the southern border and the chance of a suitcase nuke or backpack bomb sneaking in, it is just common sense to stop the parade of illegals.

Maybe we should start our own boycott of sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce the law. Recently the mayor of Los Angeles said that illegal immigration is a boom to their area. If that be the case maybe those border states should offer one way transportation to all those sanctuary cities for any illegal immigrant so inclined to go where the welcome mat is out. In the meantime let's change our vacation plans from those cities and instead visit the great people of Arizona. The best way to stop a boycott is simply go on the offensive and boycott them back. It's simple math. There are many more in support of the Arizona law than opposed to it, so if we all joined forces we could hurt those cities that boycott Arizona and refuse to enforce our laws. We are the majority, so lets act like it, and not let the left use this opportunity to divide our country.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sarah Defends Day Of Prayer

Sarah Palin last night defended the idea of a national day of prayer, while pronouncing that America is a Christian nation. Thank God she is willing to stand up for our principles and understands that this country was founded on the Judeo Christian belief system. Our founders, even though some were either agnostic or even atheists understood the right of all individuals to discuss and practice their religious beliefs in the public square. Somehow progressive thought has so distorted the original intend that the founders had in forming this wonderful country on religious freedom and biblical principles. Of course most of us understand there was no intention of removing all religious suggestions from the public square, but a simple 1st amendment prohibition of the government making laws respecting a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

There's an inscription on the American Liberty bell that reads..."Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." {Leviticus 25:10}. Apparently the progressives believe this does not include religious freedom in the public square, and all religious references must be stripped from our public institutions. This is ludicrous and was never the original intent of our founders. Whenever Israel started to gather slaves and bond servants they were rebuked by God..."Ye have not hearkened unto me, in proclaiming liberty every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbor: behold, I proclaim a liberty for you, saith the Lord." {Jeremiah 34:17}. The Judeo Christian belief system that was the inspiration for the founders was not oppressive but rather liberating to all that accepted it. Mans natural progression if not abated was to progress from anarchy to tyranny. George Washington said that, and this is the reason the founders emphasized individual rights rather than a collective mentality. Sarah Palin understands what all this means and she lives it daily...That's why we love her...
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