Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah's A Tea Party Gal

Sarah Palin today told Sean Hannity that the Tea Party should take over the Republican party. It's obvious, like Ronald Reagan she believes in the two party system, and thinks that rather than starting a third party that the Tea Party should work from within that system. It's true many Tea Party members are running for precinct committee heads and and other positions within the party all over the country, and doing what they can to change the Republican party from the ground up.

Sarah also stated that she considers herself a member of the Tea Party, because she believes in their fundamental tenets of small government, free market principles and a strong national defense. She believes in freedom. She is resisting the temptation of leading a third party movement which bodes well for her future in national politics. She also said she's willing to endorse and campaign for candidates who embrace a smaller, smarter government, a strong national defense, and fundamental freedoms. Her newest facebook post is another pithy criticism of the new strategy of Obama to try and save Obama Care, by wresting it away from congressional democrats and putting his own fingerprints on it. She mentions how all the job killing measure in the original senate bill are still present, which with the recent jobs reports should be emphasized... Keep up the good work Sarah, and hold them accountable....
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Friday, February 19, 2010

It Just Wasn't Funny

The actress who was the voice over for the Family Guy segment which featured a Down's syndrome young women mentioning that her mother was the former governor of Alaska has given an interview, and said, ' I guess former governor Palin doesn't have a sense of humor." My response to that is, what's funny about using downs syndrome as a way to get a cheap laugh? And cheap is being very generous. Apparently the actress Andrea Fay Friedman has Downs syndrome herself, and took an addition swipe at Sarah by saying in an email statement, "My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes."

She said in the interview that the line in Family Guy was funny. But as we can see by her email statement her mocking of Sarah and Trig doesn't come without some sort of political or ideological bias against the governor and Trig. Whether that was developed on her own or coached, no one knows for sure. We can only imagine the out cry by the media and the left, if some TV show mocked the Obama girls and their heritage because they are black. I'm not suggesting there's any comparison to being born black and being born with Downs syndrome, but neither is a choice that the individual can choose. And maybe that's the rub here. The left has consistently suggested that abortion would have been the wise choice for Sarah Palin. She does not fit their ideological template. They equate choice to mean, any unfortunate pregnancy that could be a challenge or inconvenient should be snuffed out. Choice for them doesn't include a choice for life that doesn't meet their Nazi like mindset, of an imperfect human being. We have heard Sarah say many times that Trig is perfect, and he is. God blessed them with Trig and he has been and will continue to be a blessing to them.

But, with all the challenges a Downs syndrome individual goes through, and Miss Friedman should know that, there should be empathy and understanding, not mockery. If a downs person comes to the point in their life when they can laugh at themselves, then more power to them, but to mock both child and mother is cruel and inexcusable. I'm sure Sarah has no problem with a sense of humor as she has shown time and again, but stay away from her children. The media has accepted that request from the Obamas. Doesn't Sarah Palin deserve the same respect. Once again the double standard is stark, and seems to be even more acceptable if it's against a conservative woman. The left seems to have a problem with downs, and mentally challenged individuals. Obama himself took a swipe at the special Olympics on Leno, and Rahm Emanuel ranted, "F***ing Retards," and even Al Gore, years ago, made a reference to extra chromosome individuals when referring to conservatives. The double standard must be challenged, so once again thank you Sarah for doing your part.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah On O'Reilly

Sarah Palin appeared once again on O'Reilly as a Fox News analyst and took on the Family Guy dust up. If you haven't seen the clip from "Family Guy," you may watch it here. It's a disgusting display of mocking special needs children to the point where the creator of Family Guy should be fired by Fox. Seth MacFarlane has taken this show to a new low, and he should be marginalized just as someone making fun of an individual's race would be.

Since when do we so cavalierly mock a special needs child for something they have no control over. It's time this was called what it is. It's on the par with racism, and should be reacted to the same way. This supposed progressive television show is making clear to all, how progressives view special needs children...I call on liberals as well as conservative to call for the firing of Seth MacFarlane by Fox. I'm not holding my breathe for liberals to speak out against this, seeing how they've lied about, and tried to destroy Palin at every turn.

Sarah of course was outraged, but instead of letting her momma bear instinct strike out she let Bristol, her daughter say how she felt about the mocking of Trig on her face book posting. It would be difficult enough for children of a celebrity to cope with all the distractions that come with that increased attention, but how much more to see your special needs little brother constantly mocked. Sarah vowed on O'Reilly that she will continue to speak out in defense of the special needs community, and we should all applaud her for that.
Her weekend in Daytona Beach was another success, with cheering crowds and autograph seekers. She is a rock star where ever she goes, and continues to be a thorn in the side of the Obama administration.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biden Talks About Sarah

"May I call you Joe," Biden appeared on the Larry King show the other day, and Larry asked him what he thought of Sarah Palin. Joe tried to appear polite in his condescending way, by first of all saying, "I like her." It's instructive that he obviously is approaching the whole Palin phenomenon in a different way than the Chris Matthews' and the rest of the Lame Stream media. After all, he's the vice president. He doesn't want to say what he'd really like to say, so he approaches it a little more diplomatically. "I like her, but," is looking more like the administration's method of  belittling Sarah without appearing to have contracted Palin Derangement syndrome. "She's engaging, and has a great personality," he says, but, there's that unavoidable but, we were all waiting to hear. He emphasizes, "I don't agree with her," he says. "Some of the things she says, are not, well." implying I don't want to say she's crazy, But, "some of her comments she's made, are so far out there, I don't know where they come from." Then he goes on to belittle the Palin supporters, and the Tea Party movement in the same condescending way, implying it's not a large enough movement to cause any real concern.

First of all Joe, lets tackle, the concept of what's way far out there. Maybe a lot of people feel a one and a half trillion dollar deficit for this fiscal year is a "bit out there." Maybe trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future is considered "way far out there." Maybe the concept of the government taking over car companies and attempting to take over our health care system is "out there." The concept of huge tax increases and a constant near 10% unemployment rate is "seriously out there." How about mortgaging our kids future and the prospect of a lower standard of living is that "out there?"  I like you Joe, you have a great personality, but, a national energy tax on all consumers so you and the messiah can pursue your pie in the sky green energy utopia could be considered by some as, "out there."

Now let me ask you Joe. May I call you Joe? who's really out there? Who are the real extremists?  Is it Sarah, her followers, and the Tea Party movement? Or is it you Joe, and that, I quote your words, "clean articulate black man" that chose you to be his vice president? Could it be that Sarah, and those disenfranchised  you talk about are really fighting against extremism? Fighting against extreme, "out there" spending and taxation. Fighting against extreme "way out there" government interference in the private sector. Could they be wrestling against mortgaging their children's future because of extreme "out there " deficits. Maybe it's the concept of a government deciding winners and losers to reward political allies and punish those who disagree with them is considered by some as "way far out there."

Joe, you know what, I like you. You're a very engaging man, with a bright smile and appealing personality. But,  your concept of what and who are "way far out there," is "way far out there.." But, it's good to see the White house has let you out for a while. We know it was only Larry King, but that's a beginning. I'm sure a few people saw the interview, and we are blessed that other media outlets picked it up so we could hear your concepts of "out there.". It's a good thing Larry asked you about Sarah Palin. If he hadn't, probably no one would have heard anything you had to say. So Joe, be thankful you have Sarah. We know you believe she and many like her are a small movement, but, they did garner you some well deserved attention.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sarah Palin"s keynote speech at the first annual Tea party convention in Nashville Saturday night was a home run  with two outs, and a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. She was absolutely right on with her criticism of the Obama administration, as well as her enunciation of what the Tea party and the common sense conservatism movement is all about. Her best line of the night was when talking about national defense she said,"We need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at a lectern." Another great line was, "foreign policy can't be managed through the power of personality." A slap at Obama who has put forth the idea that because he is who he is, our enemies would be more receptive to America, and less antagonistic.

She was Reaganesque in her enunciation of the conservative principles of free market capitalism, and small government, with reduced taxes, and less regulation. Watching the liberal spin after the speech, the left wing media seemed to criticize her for not being specific, and speaking in generalities. But, that was exactly how Ronald Reagan galvanized the country and won two landslide victories in the eighties. She was interrupted multiple times by an energized  audience that at one point during the question and answer session began chanting, "run Sarah run."

During that question and answer session, she said the Tea Party movement didn't need a leader, "like a bunch of sheep," but would do good to continue as a grass roots movement, implying that bottom up was the best way for a movement still finding its voice, and increasing with time. The liberals should be reeling as she has become a rock star with little competition as the administrations main foil, who seems to be able to gender a response from the White House and the liberal media for every criticism she levels against them.

Not only was her Tea Party speech a smashing success, but her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, showed her ability to field question with concise answers with great conviction and complete ease. Her Response to a question of NBC's recent attack involving her Husband and emails he sent was defiant and without apology. She seems to be finding her voice, and always looks in control, as well as attractive and very amiable even in the face of tough questioning. She has a way of disarming the questioner with an inner joy and peace of mind that signals she believes what she's saying. She also said she would run for president if she believed it would be best for the country and the Palin family.

The liberal mantra, that she is not qualified and is a dunderhead is becoming old, tired and easily refuted in the light of her most recent media appearances. The liberals elitists like to talk in nuance and complexity, but the American people want to hear common sense conservative solutions to enormous problems we face as a country. If  the elitists can complicate the solutions, they can exclude those every day Americans from a voice at the table. What Sarah does is speak directly to those same Americans and give them a feeling they can and should be part of the solution. She gives them a voice, and that's why her popularity is growing with every speech and appearance. The American people are hearing her give voice to their concerns about a federal government that seems completely out of control and talking down to those questioning their agenda. That is a powerful voice, that will continue to garner allegiance from the disenfranchised. Every day brings greater faith for a conservative revolution with Sarah leading the way..
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah Calls Out The Chicago Thug Machine.

Sarah's new face book posting is used to ask the president to fire his White House chief of staff for a crude and insensitive outburst. He called some participants in a strategy session, "f***ing retarded." The insensitivity of this statement, and the insult to any American with a family member born with a learning or mental disability is appalling. Like she said in her face book posting, no one would condone someone using the N word or a similar racial slur. She is the warrior for those facing discrimination because of a mental disability or a birth condition that limits learning. Of course her own decision to bring to term her precious downs syndrome son, Trig, is an inspiration to all pro-life Americans, and gives courage to other women in similar situations.

She practices what she preaches, and that character strength is the most attractive appeal to millions of Americans. I ran a poll recently on this blog, and I asked what was Sarah's most appealing characteristic, and by far her character was number one from a choice of four, with 74%...Her policies positions was second, with 23%, and her accomplishments was a distant third. It seems millions of Americans are tired of the hypocrisy and corruption that plagues Washington. Every day Americans are desiring a new kind of politician that puts principle and integrity above policy. Her courage to take on a Washington establishment, and seemingly to get their attention is causing her star to rise at light speed. Rahm Emmanuel has already apologized for the incident, and Sarah's face book posting was the catalyst for that apology. There's no word yet on whether the president will take Sarah's advice and replace Emmanuel, but I wouldn't hold my breathe. This president doesn't seem to have the decency and courage to do what's right in the face of a crude and appalling statement by a member of his Chicago thug machine.

Another recent poll by the Daily Kos seems to be causing a buzz.. By a whopping 53 to 14% the republicans in this poll believe Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama himself. Of course we all knew that all along, but many in the republican party are discovering for themselves Sarah's qualifications. She has had a very good last three months, and a new magazine named "Sarah Palin," hit news stands in mid January. The magazine sells for $8.99 and its cover has a picture of Sarah with the words, "Sarah Palin ..the untold her own, family, freedom...Can she save America?... Sarah had nothing to do with the publication of this magazine, and it apparently has over 100 pages of must see pictures. There is no commentary contained in the magazine. The sky's the limit for the Alaskan phenom....and the more people see of her, without the filter of the mainstream media, the more they like her. Keep holding them accountable... Sarah....
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