Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will Sarah Opt To Be King Maker?

As the whole of the republican presidential contenders opt to shrink the process by delaying their announcement to run, who will be first to announce and immediately become a target of the left and the main stream media, which arguable are one in the same. Sarah Palin has shown no indication that she will run, and continues as a FOX news contributor even though two other contributors to FOX, and possible candidates, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have already left. Charles Krauthammer recently commented that if Sarah runs and loses, it diminishes her stature. Could it be that she would have a greater influence on the outside looking in? No republican nominee could possible win the White House without the blessing of Sarah Palin and the impatient throngs that love her and her common sense conservative approach to governing. Therefore if she feels her chances of winning are slim to none, mainly because the media has so distorted and maligned her, would she not be better off playing the role of king maker? It's hard to say, and nobody really has an answer to that right now, including Sarah herself. I don't see her as being the coy type who hints at running but really has no intention of doing so. I believe, as she says, she is seriously considering the possibility of running if the country needs her and her family agrees.

I for one believe the country needs her and her straight forward no nonsense approach. But, does the country need her to be president? We all knows what happens when someone begins a run for the presidency. Suddenly there are image makers, policy advisers, and communication gurus that so distort who the person really is, that they get lost in the process. Handlers so misuse and abuse the candidate that they become unrecognizable to all that knew and loved them. Maybe Sarah could avoid that though. We know she doesn't travel with an entourage, scripting every word and every event for her. She obviously has speech writers, but we also know she's her own woman, and will only say what she believes.That is what is so refreshing about her and what gives hope to those that want her to run. With Sarah Palin, what you she is what you get. Is it practical to think a person could run and win without the non stop ring kissing, deal making, and empty promises? We can only hope. Could she find her way to the public without the constant media filter distortion that most have been exposed to. We that love her know that if she could, she'd win the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Americans. I for one am tired of the phonies, fakes, and felons that populate our political landscape. She definitely could be a potent force as a king maker, but half way through writing this short column I've convinced myself I'd rather see her as president. It's time our politics changed. It's time for the true peoples candidate, Sarah Palin.
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