Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn and Sarah Rock D.C.

Sarah showed why she has become a force in American politics during her speech yesterday at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington D.C. Her patriotic, positive message contrasts greatly to Obama's blame everyone but yourself narrative. Both her and Beck stressed personal responsibility and individual accountability to yourself, country and God, while Obama continues a collectivist  solution to every problem, crowning government as god, and the ruling class as arbitrators of every blessing. Sarah spoke not as a politician but as a mother of a combat vet. Her only political shot across the bow was when she said "we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want, but, we must restore America." That was the only not so veiled shot at the Obama administration.

The left must be wondering how a talk show host, along with a former vice presidential nominee could draw such a huge crowd. The condemnation will be apparent heading into the early part of the week from the lame stream media, and the running scared progressives. This was a successful and inspiring rally, and the crowd spells  trouble for the progressive members of congress. They can't ignore how engaged the conservative movement has become over the last eighteen months. The first responsibility to restoring honor will be for patriotic Americans to restore honor in our elected officials, and give walking papers to the arrogant elitist ruling class that has governed against the will of the people for far too long. Thank God we've got leaders like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to point the way.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarah Goes Five For Five

Tuesday's primary elections show that Sarah hasn't lost her touch at endorsing and pulling candidates over the finish line as she went five for five in endorsements. The most stark result was the Alaska GOP senate primary where Lisa Murkowski seems to have lost to Joe Miller even though polls showed she had a healthy lead heading into Tuesday's primary. Miller acknowledges that Palin's support was pivotal. The Mainstream media that recently had labeled Sarah's influence as diminishing should be eating crow today, but of course they spin it like a child's top. Conservatives, on the other hand are understanding that Sarah's support is key, and establishment republicans are wondering where to turn next. They see her as a threat to their petty political fiefdoms. Now the question is what kind of an influence she will have in the upcoming November midterms.

If I was a republican fortunate enough to make it past the primary challenge, I would have her number foremost on my I-Phone, and calling for an endorsement and campaign appearances.  Blue state republicans seem to want to keep her at bay, but that may be a mistake in the present political climate. She can attract a huge crowd no matter what color the state is, and the media she draws can only improve name recognition, as well as momentum. It's time the republican establishment acknowledges that she is the star the party needs to bring these midterms to a triumphant ending. The worst thing they can do is dis her and alienate a huge block of patriotic and energized Americans.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Redefining Mama Grizzlies

The new video put out by EMILY's list lampooning Sarah's endorsement of Mama Grizzlies is a pathetic attempt to turn the tide against conservative women standing up for personal responsibility and defense of freedom. It seems the faux mama Grizzlies in this video believe that protecting their cubs is protecting the big government, entitlement solutions to everything in life. Real Grizzlies seem a bit more independent in providing for their cubs. Haven't seen a mama Grizzly at the unemployment line, or waiting for aid to families with dependent children...AFDC. One Mama Grizzly in the video said, she wants to preserve her cubs right to choose. I haven't seen much in the media about aborting baby Grizzlies. In fact I'm sure to even shoot an adult Grizzly you have to apply for and purchase a hunting license, and hunting  is restricted to certain areas and certain times of the year. Thank God the liberals aren't in charge of wildlife management, or as many as half of all Grizzly cubs would be aborted. 

The real issue here is that liberals will always tell you who they fear, by how viciously they attack that person. Sarah is a huge threat to the progressive cause and therefore is their biggest target. The problem for them is that their entitlement society is falling on hard times as this administration and congress continues their free spending, and redistribution agenda, and the real mama Grizzlies are pushing back. True mama Grizzlies protect their young from government intrusion, and they teach their cubs to provide for themselves. One of the most pathetic sights is to walk into a city zoo and see the once proud and independent Grizzly waiting melancholy, to be fed by their keeper. Their freedom gone, and their instinctive nature subdued. An even more pitiful sight is to watch God's greatest creation, "MANKIND," looking to government to meet their needs, as their zest for life, and incentive to succeed dwindles away.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dead Fish Go With The Flow

Sarah appeared on Fox News Sunday this week and when asked a question by Chris Wallace if the author that rented a house next to the Palin residence was causing a problem for them, she replied that they've had to change their routine to keep from his view. He then asked if they were just going with the flow, and Sarah replied like only Sarah can that only dead fish go with the flow. Typically Sarah says it just the way it needs to be said. Her whole interview with Chris was an example of not going with the flow as she repudiated all of the Obama agenda and his lack of understanding as how to turn around the economic malaise that is gripping the country.

It's obvious that Obama is stuck on stupid and doesn't understand that his policies are a hindrance to economic  growth. His anticipated tax increases in January will stall growth and job creation as the democrats continue the class warfare they are famous for. Sarah understands that the economy can't grow unless the entrepreneurial spirit that built this  country is let lose. Tax increases and regulatory excesses are strangling innovation and growth. Sarah mentioned that the law suit against Arizona is another example of the federal governments refusal to enforce the immigration laws, and try to make this debate racial rather than a law enforcement issue. She mentioned governor Jan Brewer had the cojones that Obama lacked to do what was right to enforce border security. Kudos to Sarah for swimming against the flow. A dead fish she is not.
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