Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Hiatus

This blog will be on hiatus until if and when Sarah announces for president. If and when she does this blog will go gangbusters in full support of Sarah and her candidacy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will Sarah Opt To Be King Maker?

As the whole of the republican presidential contenders opt to shrink the process by delaying their announcement to run, who will be first to announce and immediately become a target of the left and the main stream media, which arguable are one in the same. Sarah Palin has shown no indication that she will run, and continues as a FOX news contributor even though two other contributors to FOX, and possible candidates, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have already left. Charles Krauthammer recently commented that if Sarah runs and loses, it diminishes her stature. Could it be that she would have a greater influence on the outside looking in? No republican nominee could possible win the White House without the blessing of Sarah Palin and the impatient throngs that love her and her common sense conservative approach to governing. Therefore if she feels her chances of winning are slim to none, mainly because the media has so distorted and maligned her, would she not be better off playing the role of king maker? It's hard to say, and nobody really has an answer to that right now, including Sarah herself. I don't see her as being the coy type who hints at running but really has no intention of doing so. I believe, as she says, she is seriously considering the possibility of running if the country needs her and her family agrees.

I for one believe the country needs her and her straight forward no nonsense approach. But, does the country need her to be president? We all knows what happens when someone begins a run for the presidency. Suddenly there are image makers, policy advisers, and communication gurus that so distort who the person really is, that they get lost in the process. Handlers so misuse and abuse the candidate that they become unrecognizable to all that knew and loved them. Maybe Sarah could avoid that though. We know she doesn't travel with an entourage, scripting every word and every event for her. She obviously has speech writers, but we also know she's her own woman, and will only say what she believes.That is what is so refreshing about her and what gives hope to those that want her to run. With Sarah Palin, what you she is what you get. Is it practical to think a person could run and win without the non stop ring kissing, deal making, and empty promises? We can only hope. Could she find her way to the public without the constant media filter distortion that most have been exposed to. We that love her know that if she could, she'd win the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Americans. I for one am tired of the phonies, fakes, and felons that populate our political landscape. She definitely could be a potent force as a king maker, but half way through writing this short column I've convinced myself I'd rather see her as president. It's time our politics changed. It's time for the true peoples candidate, Sarah Palin.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sarah: The Target Of The Left's Civility

A speech that Sarah Palin was to give at the Patriots & Warriors Gala sponsored by the  Sharon K Pacheco Foundation has been canceled because of safety concerns. The foundation said that "due to an onslaught of personal attacks against Gov. Palin and others associated with her appearance, it is with deep sadness and disappointment that, in the best interest of all, we cancel the event for safety concerns." Apparently the gala was an awards banquet and fundraiser for military families. The SKP foundation had total assets of just over $2,200 in 2009, so it's evident that this was a small foundation which was attempting to expand their influence by inviting Gov. Palin. Many are speculating that they realized they were in over their head and canceled because of an inability to deal with the magnitude of a Palin attendance, as well as safety concerns. Others speculate that the event which was scheduled for May 2nd was canceled to free up Gov. Palin to take part in the republican presidential primary debate scheduled the same day at the Reagan Presidential Library. I discount the second speculation, because if Gov. Palin is leaning toward a presidential run, and wished to take part in the debate, that she could cancel well in advance, or that the SKP could reschedule their event if they still wanted Sarah to appear.

If indeed the cancellation was for safety concerns then maybe the SKP should provide either the FBI or local law enforcement as to the nature of the personal attacks. The foundation director points out that no direct threats have been made against anyone, but the recent increase in negative rhetoric against the former Alaska governor "raises concerns for her safety and the safety of others despite the call for civility in America." Is it not incumbent upon them to provide any voice mail messages or where the onslaught of these personal attacks were coming from to law enforcement? Since the Tucson shooting, death threats against Sarah have increased greatly and many even took to Twitter to express their desire to see Palin assassinated. I find it odd that there's been very little coverage of the left expressing their violent hatred toward the former Governor, when conversely the press went apoplectic in their attempt to unsuccessfully put the blame of the Tucson shootings on her. Apparently generic statements like "we don't retreat, we reload," and targeted congressional district maps that have been used for decades by both sides are dangerous and may incite violence, but tweets hoping for the assassination of Gov. Palin are not.

Once again the double standard is breathe taking. We all understand that the left's call for civility wasn't serious. It was a call and a strategy to paint the opposition as dangerous to civil discourse, when in reality it is the left that has perpetuated a climate of hate. It was an attempt to squash criticism of Obama and his left leaning agenda. Remember it  was the left that vilified George W. Bush, to the point that Hollywood made a movie depicting an assassination attempt against him. And now the left has made Sarah Palin their new object of derision and hatred. It's clear they fear her, and understand her ability to connect with every day Americans is dangerous to their agenda. They cannot successfully debate her common sense approach to government, so they're left with only one option. They have to vilify and marginalize her. They spread lies, so the uninformed reject her out of hand. They paint her as dangerous to the country when in reality she's only dangerous to their agenda that is the REAL danger to all freedom loving Americans. I'm saddened that the mainstream media, which is supposed to be America's watchdog, has consciously determined to join forces with the left in their attempt to bring her down. It's an unholy alliance that should chill every American to the point of action. I for one, will do my part to expose the left for whom they are, and defend the principles this country was founded on. I've learned that determination from watching Sarah Palin soldier on in the face of relentless opposition and character assassination.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sarah, We Do Have Your Back

Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity show Monday evening and vigorously defended the conservative message, as well as herself and others who were branded as accessories to the Tucson shootings. How many would simply throw in the towel by now when they've been so viciously attacked and demonized as Sarah has? She will not. She said she would continue to speak out. They thought they'd destroyed her after the 2008 elections with frivolous law suits that consumed her time and energy and ultimately led to her resigning as governor. Then they labeled her a quitter, but she resurfaced on Face Book and Twitter. Every Face Book posting and tweet was responded to by the left loons, and the administration.  For someone who supposedly had no political relevance the curious reaction to every word was astounding. During the health care debate, she responded with a Face Book posting that accused Obama care of instituting death panels. The left went apoplectic, but ultimately the "end of life counseling" was dropped from the bill. It recently re-emerged through regulatory shenanigans. The public again protested and the administration was forced to back down again. The left would have been better served to leave her be, and maybe she'd still be governor of Alaska, and out of the national spotlight.

She's written two best selling books, and campaigned relentlessly during the midterms pushing many conservative candidates across the finish line. She probably had as much an impact on the GOP's astounding victory on Nov. 2nd as any other one person, except perhaps Barack Obama and his left leaning agenda. She's become a Tea Party favorite and leader of a Middle America, Fly Over Country coalition. She has been panned by comedians, hated by the left, ridiculed by the media, threatened by wackos, insulted, harassed, and still she keeps on keeping on. She is criticized for not responding, and then responding to her tormentors. With these latest unwarranted attacks, I've noticed that even some establishment republicans have begun to come to her defense. Karl Rove rises to the top of that list. Those that aren't thrilled with the prospect of a Palin presidential run see these attacks as reprehensible. The more the left attacks, the bigger the Palin mystique grows. What the left means for destruction is feeding a narrative that dooms their agenda. The American people are more than anything fair, and empathetic when they witness  diabolical character assassination. Their incessant derangement against her is multiplying a resistant shield of conservative protectors watching her back. Her infectious tenacity is recruiting common sense commoners entering the debate.

She mentioned in the Hannity interview a trifecta of problems that this country faces. One of those being a crisis in energy, with rising prices and a greater dependence on foreign oil. This is right in her wheelhouse. As former governor of the largest energy state, and a proponent of more domestic oil and natural gas exploration, who better to address this problem? Domestic oil production is down 13% this year. Obama's moratorium in the gulf is a large factor. The reaction to over regulate since the spill has made permits for off shore drilling move at a glacier pace, even though the moratorium has now been lifted. The left continues to fight to make ANWR off limits, while Sarah fights to drill. Oil is now a hundred dollars a barrel and gas prices are rising precipitously. As we move closer to 2012 and  Americans facing $5.00 a gallon gas prices, Sarah will become even more relevant. This is all a wild card in the coming two years. The left thinks they've done what is necessary to destroy her, and with every attempt she rises like a Phoenix, with even a greater support system watching her back. Sometimes an American comes along with solutions to complicated problems that are so common  they seem ordinary. Maybe that's what makes Sarah Palin extra-ordinary. Her ability to connect with the common sense of the American people keeps her star bright and the left confounded.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Hits Right Tone

Sarah Palin released a video of her response to the Tucson shootings Wednesday morning that seemed to hit an eloquent and inspirational tone. It's noteworthy to point out she waited until today to do just that. Rather then a knee jerk reaction to the assault on her from the left and the media, she gave time for the families to grieve and the dust to settle. She was panned on MSNBC for hiding out and not responding. Now ABC news is accusing her of putting herself back in the middle of it. I guess you could say, "damned if you do, and damned if you don't." The idea that she shouldn't address how the media has spun this would be derelict. She did address the absolute truthfulness that a criminal act like this should stand on it's own. It seems the left always wants to indict society as a whole, and conservatives in particular for crimes by individuals. The implication is that if they controlled everything none of this would happen. It seems the only time they preach carefulness in assigning blame is after a terrorist shoots up a military base as was the case in Fort Hood.

 Nevertheless Sarah's video was a home run. Notice I used a baseball analogy rather then a military one. She looked presidential, which of course the left will  mock. She showed empathy for the victims and insight into the media's careless behavior and urged resisting the temptation to legislate speech. The left continues to shadow box with endless left hooks though. I watched a debate on Fox News this morning where the democrat even tried to criticize her "Mama Grizzly" analogy as incendiary. The reflective lesson  is that the American people are far too smart to buy into these unsubstantiated assaults, and as more is revealed about the killer, their assertions will fall of their own weight. Meanwhile how will the democrat party now deal with the term, "campaign," Which is an appropriation of military battle? Will they change the use of "battle ground states?" Will they change the phrase "targeted district" to "districts we'd like to win, but don't want to give anybody the wrong idea?" Maybe so. We all know they aren't too enthusiastic about war, even though Bill Clinton had a "war room" that was all about politics and defeating the republicans. Maybe they'll take the San Fransisco approach and try to remove all references to war from our lexicon. Maybe the 2012 elections won't even have a campaign, but rather a love fest where republicans and democrats stand by the camp fire holding hands and singing. I'm sure they'd love that as long as they get to pick the songs we sing. Battle on Conservatives!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Again A Target Of The Left

Once again the left along with the sycophant media is targeting Sarah Palin, in an attempt to link her to the Tuscon shooting. They are proving that their fear of her has gone delusional. They contend that her using the hyperbole of targeted districts on her Sarah Pac campaign map, and her phrase "we don't retreat, we reload," somehow contributed to a maniac acting out his lunacy. Never mind that the left leaning Daily Kos also had Gabby Giffords targeted for a primary challenge on their website, and the democrat party has used bulls eyes on their campaign maps for years. Never mind that the messiah himself has said, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." Never mind that the Daily Kos several days ago, had a posting in reference to Gabby Giffords, That stated, "My congress woman voted against Nancy Pelosi  and is now dead to me." She was one of nineteen democrats that voted against Pelosi for minority leader. Never mind that Joe Manchin shot a hole through the cap and trade bill with a high powered rifle in a campaign ad. Remember Gabby Giffords voted for that very bill.

I don't believe the media really believes what they're reporting. They are political, and they know about Joe Manchin's campaign ad, and the daily Kos website targeting Gabby Giffords. They remember that infamous Obama statement. They are using this incident to continue their non-stop attack on Sarah and persuade public opinion that she is a danger to us all. Sarah is only a danger to the left leaning progressive agenda that permeates Washington and the media. She's a danger to over spending and dependency on foreign oil. She's a danger to business as usual in both the democrat and republican party. She doesn't incite violence, she incites every day Americans to get involved and motivated to protect our freedoms, our country and our children from a lifetime of dependency and servitude to an all powerful central government. The media knows she's not a danger to human life, but may be a thorn in the side to those that incite violence inside a woman's womb. She has proven her pro-life bonifides, and defended the most fundamental institution we have.... the family. She is fly over country, middle America, and apple pie all rolled up in one. She is common sense incarnated, and that's why they hate her. That is also why we love her.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Run, Sarah, Run

I've decided what I want for Christmas this year. I want a hint from Sarah that she's seriously considering a run for president. Instead of the twelve days of Christmas let's consider the twelve reason to encourage her to run. First off, she could tick off the Lame Stream Media. The Washington Post is reporting that there are signs she won't run. It may be that is wishful thinking on their part or a challenge to Sarah. The article in question is somewhat vague, which to me indicates wishful thinking. The two signs they quote are that one of her lieutenants Tom Van Flein, is ditching her for incoming representative Paul Gosar. Notice they use the word ditching which is obviously meant to intimate a falling out or disapproval of Sarah from Mr. Van Flein, which is completely unsubstantiated. People come and people go, it doesn't really mean anything. They also intimate that there are murmurs of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," season two. Of course there's going to be rumors of that considering the success season one has had. The more important aspect of those rumors is that no contractual agreement for another season has been reached, and even though Sarah showed interest in a second season after the amazing success of the first episode, nothing has developed.

Second, the political class including the republican party needs a serious smack down. We've discovered that the entrenched political class is terrified of a Sarah Palin run, and therefore she could knock out a host of wannabees simply by announcing that she's seriously exploring the possibility. Many republicans didn't seem to get the message of the midterms as evidenced by their compromised over spending and capitulation in the lame duck session. Third, it would be wonderful to watch Katie Couric try to finagle another interview with Sarah if she runs, knowing that Sarah has no interest in submitting to more gotcha journalism from Ms. Couric and CBS news.

Fourth, It would be wonderful to see the millions of everyday conservatives, who're disgusted with politics as usual mobilize and volunteer their time and money to bring an everyday real American across the finish line. What a victory for fly over country that continues to receive scorn from the elites. Fifth, it would be classic to watch the other republican candidates try and walk the fine line of contrasting  themselves with Sarah without insulting her supporters. The debates would be akin to a contortionists' convention.

Sixth, Maureen Dowd would continue to have reason to live. She could continue her nonstop distortion of Sarah and her policies, and prove once again that the elites just don't get it. Seventh, Tina Fey's career will once again be revitalized. If I were either one of these women I'd be sending Sarah Palin a huge portion of my paycheck. I wonder if Ms. Dowd enjoyed watching Caribou Barbie, shoot her very own caribou on "Sarah Palin's Alaska," part four.

Eighth, the liberals that appear on MSNBC could once again show their true colors, as they burn red faced and apoplectic at every Sarah Tweet and Face book message. Chris Mathew's tingle up his leg, received from watching Barack Obama would be transformed into burning shingles. Ninth, if Sarah could make it to the nomination the Palin Obama debates would be must see television. The debates could be renamed, "Will The Real Idiot, Please Stand Up." The media would be confounded as the messiah would be shown for what he really is, a false prophet, a counterfeit intellectual that fooled the public once, but is now meeting his match, a common sense conservative that speaks in plain Americana, not Ivy League nuance and deceitful complexity.

Tenth, Lisa Murkowski, the false republican would indeed endorse Barack Obama and probably defect, Ala Arlen Specter, to the democrat party. Good rid-dens. Eleventh, The blue blood Barbara Bush wouldn't get her wish of Sarah Palin staying in Alaska. Twelve and finally, the American political system would be rejuvenated like never before, as the real debate between conservatism and progressive policy would be front and center. A stark contrast that would make the choices clear to every voter. Please Sarah, be my Santa and run Sarah run.
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