Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah Celebrates Pro-life Ad

Sarah Palin is speaking out against Women's groups like NOW, for their hysterical reaction to a pro-life super bowl add that features Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. Sarah seems to be one conservative with the courage and fortitude to call out these so-called women's groups on their hypocrisy and double standard. Of course Sarah comes to this argument with a living proof of how a choice for life, even under difficult conditions, doesn't have to be a career killer. Her life exemplifies the new empowered woman who can have a family, a career, and do it all with grace and success even with the birth of a special needs child.

These so-called women's groups seem to despise her because she has proven their contentions irrelevant, and provided a living model for young women in similar situations. The add is a inspirational story of a woman making a decision against the advice of doctors that carrying her child to term could be unwise. Well the obvious results stands before the world to see. Tim Tebow is the kind of son every parent dreams of.

The feminist opposition to an add like this is not a celebration of choice, but rather a close minded manipulation of the media to support their agenda, and Sarah for one is calling them out. I find her instantaneous response to the most controversial issues refreshing. She has no fear of wading deeply into the mud pit of rhetorical debate to pull out nuggets of inspirational truth that inspires the conservative mind set.

Her face book posting earlier this week attacks Obama and his insistence that the American people just don't seem to be getting what he's trying to do, and therefore his agenda is suffering because of a communication problem. She rightfully excoriates his insistence to bring in old campaign personnel to simple re-package the old message, instead of listening to what the voters are saying and demanding. David Plouffe's admonition that Obama supporters just need to get on the same page, when the book needs to be scrapped, shows contempt for the people. Thank you Sarah for continuing your fight for common sense solutions that could bring this economy out of the doldrums. We appreciate your ready and steady hand to speak out in opposition to dangerous and costly policies.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah's Loyalty

Sarah Palin's decision to campaign for and with John McCain in his reelection bid in the state of Arizona has many conservatives up in arms. I myself, am dumbfounded that anyone would even question her loyalty to the  man, that by choosing her as his vice presidential pick in 2008, made her a national figure, and a viable candidate for president in 2012. All conservatives understand that McCain is not a conservative in the tradition of Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin. His fingerprints on an immigration bill that in essence granted amnesty to millions of illegals, while legal immigrants waited years in a process that the 2007 bill circumvented, was anathema to conservatives. His crafting of a campaign finance bill with Russ Feingold, did nothing but empower democrats and stifle Republican fund raising, and advocacy. The Supreme Court just this week did the proper thing and struck down most of that bill, and once again upheld the first amendment rights of all Americans to advocate for a candidate or position.

McCain has also been a proponent of global warming hysteria that differed little from his 2008 opponent Barack Obama. He and Palin had a serious difference of opinion on oil exploration in ANWR, and other energy policies during the campaign. He was also the darling of the left wing media and spent many Sunday's on television because of his opposition to some republican initiatives. The left loved him and his maverick label, until of course he became the opponent of their chosen one, Barack Obama. Even though he is a man of honor and a war hero there are many reasons for conservatives to consider him not one of them. But, the idea that Sarah Palin shouldn't support and work for the reelection of the man that stood with her during the 2008 campaign is ludicrous. He has supported her, and said nothing untoward about her, even though members of his campaign have spent the last 18 months trashing and belittling her. He has kept the high ground and been loyal to her.

Let's all get a grip and remember that loyalty is also a conservative trait. I wish all republican senators and congress men and women were as conservative as Sarah Palin. But, just because John McCain is not the conservative we desire in the senate, he did introduce us to Sarah Palin, and I like most of you, are thankful he did.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Sarah Swing The Bat

As Sarah Palin continues her quest to become a reputable political analyst on Fox News, she is receiving some criticism from even conservative voices. But, much of that criticism should be pointed toward the shows hosts, as they seemed to make the segments about her and her constant nemesis, the mainstream media. Isn't it time to move past all that and let her do the job she was hired to do. It is understandable that the first appearances on O'Reilly and Hannity, as well as Beck would include some give and take about the constant pounding she has taken. But, most of that was covered on her book tour interviews, and it's now time to let her do her thing. I for one believe that she can and will be a productive and provocative analyst if she stays away from conservative talking points, and begins to seriously study and prepare herself for the issues of the day.

Many of her Facebook postings over the last several months have been full of very in depth and serious policy positions, that were both informative and enlightening. They were also well timed to coincide with Obama agenda items that were currently being debated. She had the administration responding to everything she was saying, and receiving enormous support from the conservative base, and of course an enormous pounding from the liberal elites. She was and can still drive the agenda and put the administration on the defensive.

My hope is that in the next several weeks as she appears on Fox, the hosts will ask her in depth policy questions and let her shine as she does on her Facebook and Twitter postings. We also have to give her some room to make mistakes because of course television is a unforgiving format, and verbal gaffes will be exploited by the left. Beck mentioned how guarded she was, and who could blame her after what she's been through the last year and a half. In time I'm sure she will shine brightly, as no one could have accomplished as much as her and endured such vitriol without a huge learning curve and enormous personal character. I conducted a poll on this sight and found that 68% say her character is her most appealing characteristic, and second at 31% is her policy positions.

I for one am excited to see her take on the establishment in no uncertain terms. The best way to silence her critics is by provocative and insightful analysis, that goes to the heart of the countries current situation, that of course is being exacerbated by the Obama administration and democrats in congress. So, O'Reilly and Hannity, and Beck, and whatever other hosts she appears with, she's a big girl, so lay off the softballs, and let her swing the bat.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sarah's Debut

Sarah Palin took her first step in quieting critics and encouraging supporters with her debut on the O'Reilly Factor on Tuesday. She of course was attacked immediately by left wing bloggers and the mainstream media who continue to take pot shots and spread half truths. It's amazing that on  60 minutes Sunday, almost ten minutes were spend on the allegations regarding Sarah during the campaign, in the just released book "Game Change," and nothing was mentioned about Harry Reid and Bill Clinton's racially insensitive comments during the same period. It proves once again the fear the left has for The Governor, and their insistence to continue the nonstop propaganda war against her. They keep sighting polls that they say, show the American people don't believe she's qualified to be president. So my question is than, why are they so worried? If the American people don't want her as president why do they feel they have to take her out?

Chris Matthews made the statement on his bottom feeding MSNBC show, "hardball," that, "how can she be a commentator, when she doesn't know anything." Well, Chris, she was smart enough to sign on with a network that completely buries yours in the ratings, which ensures she will seen by far more people than even your wildest dreams. I can't wait to see the new numbers for the different cable news shows after she's been on for a few months. As far as CNN is concerned, their non stop vilification has backfired big time, as Fox now has the attention getter that will continue their rise and ensure CNN's slide. Now all they have left to compete is the Playgirl centerfold expert commentator, Levi Johnston. Good luck with that. They thought their Levi episodes would boost their ratings, and now they're stuck with the stark reality that all their sniper attacks have made Sarah stronger and boosted the viewership of their competitor. Although you can't really put CNN and Fox News ' ratings in the same hemisphere, because Fox has gone stratospheric.

It's beginning to appear that the left wing media, like the left wing administration, have both overstepped and caused the opposite reaction from the American people. The more they push their agenda the more the people push back, and the more popular Sarah Palin becomes. ABC is the new current purveyor of Palin impaling, as they stick the knife in on a segment of "Good Morning America," the morning after her debut on the Factor. They finally have to admit that she is still very popular with conservatives all around the country, which is probably the purpose of their nonstop assassination effort. They understand that conservatism is now the dominant political trend in the country, and Sarah's common sense approach is attractive to a public, weary of left leaning lunacy. The left has never learned that one indisputable truth, when you attack a person of charater and principle you help them to grow and excel.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Breaking News

Sarah Palin has signed on as a contributor to Fox News...A New York Times article has confirmed the signing. This is going to drive the left crazy. We all know they hate Fox News, and of course we understand their disdain for Sarah Palin. Now they're going to have to contend with, in their view, a two headed monster, that they have no answer for, Sarah and Fox News together. Besides the fact that this will take Fox New's ratings and drive them further into the stratosphere, it will give Sarah a chance to comment on the current state of politics in this country. MSNBC, and CNN, might as well give up the ghost, because Fox is far and away changing the landscape....Sarah will appear Tomorrow, January 12, on the O'Reilly Factor at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, 5:00 p.m. Pacific...
Stay Tuned...More coming!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sarah Under Attack!

Well, the media, Democrats and some insider Republicans are at it again. They continue their full frontal attack on Sarah Palin, in some very absurd ways. Steve Schmidt the former head of the McCain campaign continues his blistering attacks, probably to try and shift blame from a failed campaign that he helped orchestrate, to Sarah Palin. He states on a 60 minutes interview that Sarah was not well prepared for the Biden debate, and everyone on the staff was worried it was going to be a debacle of historic and epic proportions. Only problem, it wasn't. Everyone I talked to thought  Sarah easily won that debate and made Biden look un-prepared. She was right on her game, and her "drill baby drill," correction of Bidens, "Drill drill drill" comment was priceless. She came across as prepared and relaxed, and full of common sense solutions and answers to all questions. She Attacked the Obama agenda relentlessly, a lesson John McCain should have learned himself.

So what is the reason for this story to come out now, in light of a very well performed debate by Sarah. It's not hard to understand. The media still has a bulls eye on her head, and her recent book tour success means they have to work extra hard to try and bring her negatives up, and her positives down. Schmidt and others like him are enjoying the media's constant invitations to trash Sarah, and demean her in any way possible, because once you've headed a monumental flop of a  campaign the only way to rehabilitate yourself is shift the blame, and they know the media will welcome any attack on Sarah. Of course this recent attack is ridiculous, and shows the extent they'll go to reach their goals.

It's also clear the democrats in general will attack Sarah also, because she is a lightening rod to both the left and right. Senator John Kerry in a recent fund raising letter is using Sarah and the Tea Party Movement to try and stir the base. He says in the letter, "just imagine what Washington would look like if a bunch of new senators inspired by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd took over." Well, from my perspective, it would be wonderful, and what many of us have been working for. They see Sarah and the Tea Party movement as a legitimate threat to their majority, so let's continue the fight to make it happen...

We all might as well get used to the continued attacks on our favorite little politician, and be prepared to push back in every way possible, even if it's one person at a time. The elites in the media and democrat party, as well as vengeful republicans, know that there's a movement a foot that will squash the Obama agenda, and propel a new movement of citizen politicians to undo the damage of decades of special interest bribes, massive debt, and unchecked arrogance that is killing the private sector, and creating a ruling elite mentality that despises freedom loving Americans. We must push back, as the little general leads..
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Sarah's Standing On Principle

The revelation that Sarah rebuffed an invitation to speak at a CPAC, "Conservative Political Action Committee" convention and instead accepted the invitation to be the headliner at the Tea Party convention is getting much news. This, coupled with a recent article that the GOP hierarchy is souring on Palin as a presidential candidate in 2012 is making it look as though Palin may be pushed to run as a third party candidate if she decides to seek the presidency in 2012. Palin's refusal to speak at CPAC, because the head of the American Conservative Union which organizes for CPAC, is David Keene, whom Palin has had issues with.  Politco reported in July that the American Conservative Union, ACU, Tried, but failed to shake down FedX for two to three million dollars for ACU's support in a legislative dispute with UPS. The shakedown failed and ACU supported UPS instead.

Sarah is showing that principle and core believes are her motivation, not special interest. She is obviously becoming the one politician that is holding true to what her core principles demand, and isn't schmoozing with the power brokers of both the GOP and conservative organizations that have lost their core. That dirty game that specializes in special interest and back room deals, has defined the health care debate, and all of the democrat's legislative agenda. It's a game the little Alaskan alien is not willing to play, and all who care about what  Washington has become should applaud her.

She will however headline the first ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville next month, which seems to be her natural constituency. The revulsion of Washington inside dealings as well as out of control spending, and growth of government was the boiling pot that steeped the Tea Party movement. Sarah has and will continue to speak out against this insidious trend threatening the very fabric of our republic. It's encouraging to see a principled common sense conservative, reflecting the views of so many around the country, who are yearning for responsible leadership, and accountable government.

As for ACU, CPAC, and the GOP hierarchy, it may be well time for them to reexamine their approach to fund raising, special interest, and politics in general. The American people are fed up with what they're seeing. The GOP seems hell-bent on destroying this golden opportunity to get on the right side of history, and make huge electoral gains. No more politics as usual applies to them as well as the democrat party. The latest appropriation bill was filled with huge earmarks for not just democrat but also republican legislators, and should be a sign to all, that the corrupt culture of Washington is not a one party phenomenon. Voting for "the lesser of two evils," come 2010, is not what the Tea Party and most voters are intending to do this November.

As far as Sarah is concerned, she doesn't need the endorsement of GOP bigwigs, and special interest conservative organizations. She has an army of agitated Americans, ready to bleed undying support for any politician willing to take on the bloated, and arrogant establishment in Washington, and stand on  principled common sense conservative values. The party apparatus, along with their sniper apparatchiks, may have the special interest artillery, but the fly over country commandos have the numbers and the passion to take the battle to them, with their little general leading them with integrity and common sense principles. All this reminds me of the scene from the movie Braveheart , when William Wallace Told Earl the Bruce that all would follow if he would just lead. Right now Sarah is leading, and we will follow with passionate determination.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sarah Weighs in on Terror Debate

A new face book posting by Sarah Palin, shows once again that she continues to be engaged and up to speed on what this administration is passing off as a terrorist policy. As I wrote in my last two postings on cooperscopy, "Obama At A Cross Roads," and "Growing All Nostalgic for Bush." the administration is attempting to change their rhetoric but, their policies leave a lot to be desired. She makes many of the same points that I did in my postings, and so I feel in good company. Her common sense approach is refreshing and gives me reason to be hopeful for the coming years. It is encouraging to all conservatives that there is a leader that validates our values and traditions.

This new year should be a blockbuster for the conservative movement and those willing to lead. The democrat party has so over reached and angered those that value freedom and free market capitalism, as well as our national security, that every indication shows an uprising of monumental proportions. I continue to keep my fingers crossed that Sarah will lead that uprising with her unapologetic conservative take on every important issue. There are plenty of foot soldiers ready to join the fray. Happy New Year, and continue the fight. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said..."when the government fears the people, there is liberty, when the people fear their government, there is tyranny."
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