Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Run, Sarah, Run

I've decided what I want for Christmas this year. I want a hint from Sarah that she's seriously considering a run for president. Instead of the twelve days of Christmas let's consider the twelve reason to encourage her to run. First off, she could tick off the Lame Stream Media. The Washington Post is reporting that there are signs she won't run. It may be that is wishful thinking on their part or a challenge to Sarah. The article in question is somewhat vague, which to me indicates wishful thinking. The two signs they quote are that one of her lieutenants Tom Van Flein, is ditching her for incoming representative Paul Gosar. Notice they use the word ditching which is obviously meant to intimate a falling out or disapproval of Sarah from Mr. Van Flein, which is completely unsubstantiated. People come and people go, it doesn't really mean anything. They also intimate that there are murmurs of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," season two. Of course there's going to be rumors of that considering the success season one has had. The more important aspect of those rumors is that no contractual agreement for another season has been reached, and even though Sarah showed interest in a second season after the amazing success of the first episode, nothing has developed.

Second, the political class including the republican party needs a serious smack down. We've discovered that the entrenched political class is terrified of a Sarah Palin run, and therefore she could knock out a host of wannabees simply by announcing that she's seriously exploring the possibility. Many republicans didn't seem to get the message of the midterms as evidenced by their compromised over spending and capitulation in the lame duck session. Third, it would be wonderful to watch Katie Couric try to finagle another interview with Sarah if she runs, knowing that Sarah has no interest in submitting to more gotcha journalism from Ms. Couric and CBS news.

Fourth, It would be wonderful to see the millions of everyday conservatives, who're disgusted with politics as usual mobilize and volunteer their time and money to bring an everyday real American across the finish line. What a victory for fly over country that continues to receive scorn from the elites. Fifth, it would be classic to watch the other republican candidates try and walk the fine line of contrasting  themselves with Sarah without insulting her supporters. The debates would be akin to a contortionists' convention.

Sixth, Maureen Dowd would continue to have reason to live. She could continue her nonstop distortion of Sarah and her policies, and prove once again that the elites just don't get it. Seventh, Tina Fey's career will once again be revitalized. If I were either one of these women I'd be sending Sarah Palin a huge portion of my paycheck. I wonder if Ms. Dowd enjoyed watching Caribou Barbie, shoot her very own caribou on "Sarah Palin's Alaska," part four.

Eighth, the liberals that appear on MSNBC could once again show their true colors, as they burn red faced and apoplectic at every Sarah Tweet and Face book message. Chris Mathew's tingle up his leg, received from watching Barack Obama would be transformed into burning shingles. Ninth, if Sarah could make it to the nomination the Palin Obama debates would be must see television. The debates could be renamed, "Will The Real Idiot, Please Stand Up." The media would be confounded as the messiah would be shown for what he really is, a false prophet, a counterfeit intellectual that fooled the public once, but is now meeting his match, a common sense conservative that speaks in plain Americana, not Ivy League nuance and deceitful complexity.

Tenth, Lisa Murkowski, the false republican would indeed endorse Barack Obama and probably defect, Ala Arlen Specter, to the democrat party. Good rid-dens. Eleventh, The blue blood Barbara Bush wouldn't get her wish of Sarah Palin staying in Alaska. Twelve and finally, the American political system would be rejuvenated like never before, as the real debate between conservatism and progressive policy would be front and center. A stark contrast that would make the choices clear to every voter. Please Sarah, be my Santa and run Sarah run.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin Appeal Is Widening

The left must be apoplectic this morning after Bristol Palin made her way into the finals of Dancing With The Stars. She received the lowest judges scores Monday night but the public vote pushed her into the finals. Liberals all around are incensed that the least talented among the final four made it into the finals. They are equally upset that Sarah is again beating expectations. Her enormous debut of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on the TLC network drew over 5 million viewers on Sunday night. As George W. Bush would say, the left is "misunderestimating" the Palin appeal across the nation. The left has suddenly changed their tune when speaking of Bristol. They now believe that merit should determine winners and losers. This coming from the side that favors bailouts of failing companies, affirmative action hiring, redistribution of wealth, and amnesty for lawbreaking illegals.

Bristol, because of her mothers vice presidential run with John McCain has been scrutinized from the left and the media more than any other unwed mother. You'd think the left that celebrates promiscuity through condom distribution and abortion on demand would be more sympathetic to the plight of an unwed mother. Maybe their displeasure is in the fact that Bristol, like her mother, decided to take her baby to term. How many left wing zealots have children that get pregnant, but we never know because that child is aborted in secret behind closed doors. Kudos to Bristol for making the decision for life, and putting herself out there for ridicule and scorn for the sake of her baby. Not being an avid fan of DWTS, but occasionally watching, I've seen a shy and modest young woman, not the promiscuous tart the left would like to portray. She seems determined, and has obviously improved her dancing from the initial show. She has also become an advocate for abstinence which of course drives the left wild.

Her advancement on the show could be attributed to many things. The left probably understands that her mother's supporters are keeping her alive. Many probably watch for the chance that Sarah and Todd may be in the studio audience, and therefore the longer she remains on the show the more they will be exposed to Sarah herself. That has to drive the left bananas. Or maybe many just appreciate the fact that she's not a professional in the entertainment field and they celebrate her courage to do what she's doing. The left doesn't really believe in the public determining winners and losers. They feel the elites, or should we say intelligentsia, should determine most everything. They hate capitalism because the public determines who should survive. They love socialism, because bureaucrats and elites control business and therefore the wealth of the country. The great unwashed in their minds has no business choosing the direction of the country. They don't have the requisite gray matter to know what is best for even them.

I believe they fear something more than they can actually bare.  If the least professional and polished Bristol Palin can make it into the finals of Dancing With The Stars, maybe in their minds, the uneducated, inarticulate and down home woman of the people, Sarah Palin can make it into the finals of the 2012 presidential campaign. They're repulsed by the thought of an every day American that connects with the majority of fly over country, could actually become president. They've done everything they can to destroy her, but she continues on successfully advancing, or should I say dancing to the beat of her own drum. A successful book. A Fox News contributor. A political endorser extraordinaire. A highly coveted campaigner, and now a cable television phenomenon. Wherever she goes, crowds convene. They said she was finished after she resigned as governor. But, as we have seen, her influence in the midterms was second to none, and her star continues to rise. I hope the left continues to, in the words of W., misunderestimate Sarah Palin.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

GOP Bigwigs Continue Their Assault On Palin

A new Politico article by Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei is another attack on Sarah Palin. They use unnamed sources, supposedly GOP bigwigs and establishment types that they say want to stop her. Sarah describes this as yellow journalism, and if establishment republicans want to stop her they should put their name to it.  If there is an attempt by establishment republicans and possible presidential candidates to try and undermine Sarah's possible run for the 2012 nomination, and I don't doubt there is, they aren't going to reveal themselves. The republican establishment knows that if they overtly turn on Sarah, they will alienate millions of grass root and Tea Party activists. The establishment republicans that supported Sue Lowden over Sharron and Angle in Nevada, Lisa Murkowski over Joe Miller in Alaska, Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in Florida, and Trey Grayson over Rand Paul in Kentucky, and I could go on, should know by now that the grass roots conservatives will not stand for squishy RHINO republicans any more.

If the GOP wants to win in 2012 they will need Tea Party support, or they will go down in flames. They fear Sarah because she has Tea Party activists on her side, and they don't think she can beat Barack Obama if she wins the nomination. They also didn't think Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Marco Rubio could win. They are faced with a conundrum. Do we allow this movement to continue and change and reinvigorate the party, or do we do everything we can to undermine Sarah and other leaders of Tea Parties across the nation to keep their ever shrinking hold on power. Without Sarah and the Tea Party movement, republicans would not be close to the massive gains they're about to experience on November 2nd. Sarah has had the single largest effect on this election, and without her it's anyone's guess what the gains would be. GOP bigwigs point to her support of Christine O'Donnell as hurting the party's chance of taking back the senate. Sarah has said "of course I'm going to support the true conservative over a republican that voted for cap and trade, and was willing to go along with much of Obama's agenda." This is the attitude of the new movement within the republican party. No more compromising republican in name only elected officials. We want constitutional conservative law makers.

We also don't want republicans to compromise with Obama once they get elected. If it takes two election cycles to roll back the damage that Obama and the democrats have done to our country, then so be it. Sarah continues to fight for conservative values, with an ever increasing army of patriots determined to take back our country. It's obvious she's willing to battle the republican establishment as well as liberals to do just that. If I were one of those unnamed GOP bigwigs that is determined to stop her, I'd think twice before picking a fight with Sarah Barracuda. It's growing increasingly clear that Sarah is willing to run in 2012 if needed. The most recent interviews reveal her willingness to run if another strong conservative candidate doesn't emerge.

Michael Steele in a recent interview said these unnamed sources need to shut up. He is one republican that has embraced Sarah, and campaigned with her on his recent Fire Pelosi Bus Tour. Of course many of those republican bigwigs were calling for his head not too long ago. Instead of embracing those that are reinvigorating the GOP, many of these establishment types seem hell bent on blowing up the republican party, and making way for a more powerful and energized third party. Has the time come? I guess what happens after November 2nd will determine if these new Tea Party lawmakers will have a voice within The Grand Old Party. I emphasis old because without them the republican party will go the way of the buggy whip, unwilling to evolve with what is happening in grass roots America.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah Wins Again

The New York Daily News reported a new poll...article seen here.... that makes Sarah the winner for who men would want to join them at their Tea for two party. That inspires me to republish the post that launched this blog.....

Sarah Palin's Appeal To The Conservative Man

As the release of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" approaches, the media swirl around the event seems to dwarf Dorothy and Toto's Kansas tornado. As media organizations are drooling, and green with envy at those who've secured interviews and appearances, the ones that have are promoting their coup nonstop. Excerpts from the book are now being dribbled out and the frenzy to take a peek at this precocious politician's pronouncements is palpable. Let's examine for a moment the clear intrigue from one particular group and its perceived attraction to the new Alaskan phenomenon.

CONSERVATIVE MEN: We will abbreviate this group as "Con-men for Palin." This group appears to be one of the most intense in their support. First, lets get the obligatory personal appearance out of the way. Not only is Sarah Palin attractive, those glasses give her that air of intelligence that many men find unnerving in a secretarial fantasy sort of way. She's pretty, personable and petite. What man isn't attracted to that, unless you're an estrogen driven liberal male feminist, of the Alan Alda type, or a Barney Frank who desires muscles coupled with submission.

Her image of picking fish out of nets while wearing waders and smiling, of course appeals to that middle American male who has forever wanted their wives to get down and dirty with them on their weekend testosterone filled fishing and hunting trips. Her correcting of Joe Biden's "drill, drill, drill," phrase in the debate, to No Joe, "It's Drill Baby Drill," sends electricity up the leg of hard working men, the same as Chris Matthews messiah induced leg thrill. Her ability to make a delicious moose stew filled with rib sticking protein laden man food after shooting and dressing it, secures kudos from the Grizzly Adam's type.

And of course her common sense approach to work and family appeals to the con-man's tradition of working and loving your family hard. Sarah's desire to see government work for the people, and not the other way around gets the fiscal conservative and small government man feeling hugged rather than squeezed. Her understanding that energy independence and the will to attack it with the "all the above approach," including domestic drilling, will free us from the dress wearing, terrorist funding, turban types.

Sarah's folksy and down home way, along with her political incorrect way of saying it is a breathe of fresh air from the current Cabal of cautious caretakers, who by trying not to offend anybody offend almost everybody. Her ability to be a career woman while still being a loving and responsible wife and mother, who chose to bring her down syndrome child to term, shows the con-man strength of character.

Her support of our troops, and the idea of victory, as well as her understanding of what terrorism is, contrast greatly from the squishy and incoherent path the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. espouses. Conservative males, many who have served in the military, know she has a son serving and therefore feel a special connection to her in all things war related. Pictures of her eating with the troops are compelling and show a sense of camaraderie and ease with fighting men and women.

Last, the con-man is repelled by the hubris displayed by the current elites in Washington, and look for that common sense approach to difficult problems, rather than Ivy League taught mumble jumble, that simply seems to mesmerize rather than maximize the talent this country has to bring us out of the funk we're in. Sarah's a reformer who'll tackle problems head on as she did in Alaska, rather then holding summits and enacting commissions. Sarah's way is the conservative man's way. She can amazingly blend a tough no nonsense approach to problem solving with the femininity and appeal that doesn't threaten the conservative man. The only question is, will she threaten the con-man's better half?

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Palin-tology is the study of the media and the left's obsession with Sarah Palin. It's an in depth narration of why they hate her and want to destroy her. It's a study of their fear of her. And even though they will never admit it, they see her as their greatest threat. Why else would they spread so much ink, and bytes to vilify, demonize, marginalize, and try to define her. The answer is simple. She resonates with a very large segment of the American people. They are jealous of her magnetic personality that can gather crowds of tens of thousands at the drop of a hat. They watch her change election results after a passing endorsement. Joe Miller in Alaska, and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. The republican establishment also fears her. They wonder about her plans. Her itinerary is the most watched event in the political horizon. The tsunami  that surfaced when it was revealed she'd be visiting Iowa was monumental. Not only is her support large and growing, but it is deep. Talk to a Palin supporter, and you talk to a true believer. A believer of small government and lower taxes. A values voter that sees Sarah as a triumph of character. They will never believe the accusations against her. They have turned off the main stream media, or should I say the Lame stream media. They know they're out to destroy her.

They watched when she made her debut at the Republican national convention in 2008 and immediately fell in love with her. It only took hours before reporters were dispatched by the left to little Wasilla Alaska to dig up dirt and create a narrative that countered her enormously successful first impression. The attacks continued non-stop until election day. And then they continued on. They filed frivolous ethics charges after ethics charges to keep her preoccupied as Alaska's governor. She outsmarted them by resigning and taking to the national stage. How many others would have just crawled under a rock and given up? Not Sarah, and that's why she's loved. She's been tried in fire, and purified for a greater task. Character is perfected when challenged. Her enemies meant her destruction, but it has resulted in her exaltation. Her supporters see that. They admire her determination and good humor in the face of unrelenting attacks.

Even so the left continues non-stop. Their hatred is palpable. They despise her down home manner and common sense approach. Nothing can be that easy they say. We've spent years perfecting nuance and complexity and she comes along and suddenly everybody is listening. They've never considered that nuance and complexity is code for, "we don't have a clue." That's because they don't have a clue. They don't understand American values and traditions. They weren't taught that at Ivy League graduate schools. America is the problem to them. We are the oppressors, and it's their job to make things right. Wrong, and Sarah knows it. America is exceptional because of it's common sense values, hard work, and the liberty that rewards such. Maureen Dowd calls Christine O'Donnell the republican nominee for Joe Bidens senate seat in Delaware, Sarah Palin's "Mini Me." Christine should take that as a badge of honor. Ms. O'Donnell said at the Values Voters summit that the Washington bureaucrats have weaseled their way into our private lives. She said, "they'll buy an abortion for your teenage daughter, but won't let her buy a sugary soda from the school vending machine." Very Palinesque. She's learning from Sarah the common sense approach that resonates.

It is still unknown if Sarah will or if Sarah won't make the ultimate run. But, the left and the media is holding their breathe, and sitting ready to attack with even greater ferocity. Whatever she decides to do, she has already proven this primary season, she is a force to be reckoned with. Now there are others following in her footsteps and succeeding where no one gave them a chance. Palin-tology is very intriguing. It's enlightening to watch the left and the media compromise their journalistic integrity to bring down a petite patriot with an army of supporters ready to engage to stand up for America once again.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn and Sarah Rock D.C.

Sarah showed why she has become a force in American politics during her speech yesterday at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington D.C. Her patriotic, positive message contrasts greatly to Obama's blame everyone but yourself narrative. Both her and Beck stressed personal responsibility and individual accountability to yourself, country and God, while Obama continues a collectivist  solution to every problem, crowning government as god, and the ruling class as arbitrators of every blessing. Sarah spoke not as a politician but as a mother of a combat vet. Her only political shot across the bow was when she said "we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want, but, we must restore America." That was the only not so veiled shot at the Obama administration.

The left must be wondering how a talk show host, along with a former vice presidential nominee could draw such a huge crowd. The condemnation will be apparent heading into the early part of the week from the lame stream media, and the running scared progressives. This was a successful and inspiring rally, and the crowd spells  trouble for the progressive members of congress. They can't ignore how engaged the conservative movement has become over the last eighteen months. The first responsibility to restoring honor will be for patriotic Americans to restore honor in our elected officials, and give walking papers to the arrogant elitist ruling class that has governed against the will of the people for far too long. Thank God we've got leaders like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to point the way.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarah Goes Five For Five

Tuesday's primary elections show that Sarah hasn't lost her touch at endorsing and pulling candidates over the finish line as she went five for five in endorsements. The most stark result was the Alaska GOP senate primary where Lisa Murkowski seems to have lost to Joe Miller even though polls showed she had a healthy lead heading into Tuesday's primary. Miller acknowledges that Palin's support was pivotal. The Mainstream media that recently had labeled Sarah's influence as diminishing should be eating crow today, but of course they spin it like a child's top. Conservatives, on the other hand are understanding that Sarah's support is key, and establishment republicans are wondering where to turn next. They see her as a threat to their petty political fiefdoms. Now the question is what kind of an influence she will have in the upcoming November midterms.

If I was a republican fortunate enough to make it past the primary challenge, I would have her number foremost on my I-Phone, and calling for an endorsement and campaign appearances.  Blue state republicans seem to want to keep her at bay, but that may be a mistake in the present political climate. She can attract a huge crowd no matter what color the state is, and the media she draws can only improve name recognition, as well as momentum. It's time the republican establishment acknowledges that she is the star the party needs to bring these midterms to a triumphant ending. The worst thing they can do is dis her and alienate a huge block of patriotic and energized Americans.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Redefining Mama Grizzlies

The new video put out by EMILY's list lampooning Sarah's endorsement of Mama Grizzlies is a pathetic attempt to turn the tide against conservative women standing up for personal responsibility and defense of freedom. It seems the faux mama Grizzlies in this video believe that protecting their cubs is protecting the big government, entitlement solutions to everything in life. Real Grizzlies seem a bit more independent in providing for their cubs. Haven't seen a mama Grizzly at the unemployment line, or waiting for aid to families with dependent children...AFDC. One Mama Grizzly in the video said, she wants to preserve her cubs right to choose. I haven't seen much in the media about aborting baby Grizzlies. In fact I'm sure to even shoot an adult Grizzly you have to apply for and purchase a hunting license, and hunting  is restricted to certain areas and certain times of the year. Thank God the liberals aren't in charge of wildlife management, or as many as half of all Grizzly cubs would be aborted. 

The real issue here is that liberals will always tell you who they fear, by how viciously they attack that person. Sarah is a huge threat to the progressive cause and therefore is their biggest target. The problem for them is that their entitlement society is falling on hard times as this administration and congress continues their free spending, and redistribution agenda, and the real mama Grizzlies are pushing back. True mama Grizzlies protect their young from government intrusion, and they teach their cubs to provide for themselves. One of the most pathetic sights is to walk into a city zoo and see the once proud and independent Grizzly waiting melancholy, to be fed by their keeper. Their freedom gone, and their instinctive nature subdued. An even more pitiful sight is to watch God's greatest creation, "MANKIND," looking to government to meet their needs, as their zest for life, and incentive to succeed dwindles away.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dead Fish Go With The Flow

Sarah appeared on Fox News Sunday this week and when asked a question by Chris Wallace if the author that rented a house next to the Palin residence was causing a problem for them, she replied that they've had to change their routine to keep from his view. He then asked if they were just going with the flow, and Sarah replied like only Sarah can that only dead fish go with the flow. Typically Sarah says it just the way it needs to be said. Her whole interview with Chris was an example of not going with the flow as she repudiated all of the Obama agenda and his lack of understanding as how to turn around the economic malaise that is gripping the country.

It's obvious that Obama is stuck on stupid and doesn't understand that his policies are a hindrance to economic  growth. His anticipated tax increases in January will stall growth and job creation as the democrats continue the class warfare they are famous for. Sarah understands that the economy can't grow unless the entrepreneurial spirit that built this  country is let lose. Tax increases and regulatory excesses are strangling innovation and growth. Sarah mentioned that the law suit against Arizona is another example of the federal governments refusal to enforce the immigration laws, and try to make this debate racial rather than a law enforcement issue. She mentioned governor Jan Brewer had the cojones that Obama lacked to do what was right to enforce border security. Kudos to Sarah for swimming against the flow. A dead fish she is not.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sarah's Character Counts

Several months back I ran a poll on this blog that asked the question, "which of the following most attract you to Sarah Palin?"  ....and I gave four choices....character....policy positions....experience......accomplishments.. The resounding winner was character with more then 75%.....What's enlightening about the results of that poll is that I could answer yes to all four. Many would say her experience is minimal when you consider her age and time in public life, but that can also be a plus. The new movement sweeping the country is a movement for outsiders, and those that aren't or haven't been career politicians. Her experience as a mother, wife, and small business owner give her the credentials to lead just as much as her stint as mayor and governor.

Her accomplishments which include running for city counsel all the way to governor and now a champion of conservatives has been meteoric. It's clear she knows how to take advantage of the opportunities and has  amazing political insight. Her openness to whatever opportunity comes her way shows she's not single minded and laser focused on one end result, but willing to adapt to the opportunity that would put her in a position to best serve her country. It's clear her common sense conservative approach rings true and refreshing to me as well as millions of others. The arrogant elitism that seems to be permeating Washington D.C. is frightening. Pushing policies without the consent of the governed seems to be this administration's forte. It should be alarming when leaders deceive and manipulate to pass legislation that only they and a small minority are in favor of. Health care over haul, cap and trade, immigration/amnesty, and the list goes on.

But I would have to agree that Sarah's character is far and away the most attractive attribute she has. Whether that character was built from being raised in small communities by a loving family, or her obvious faith in a loving God, or her ability to roll with the punches and not lose faith in herself and the country nobody really knows, but it's probably a combination of all the above. What is clear is that she lives who she is. Even though the left and the media have given all they can to bring her down she remains strong in the face of unmatched opposition and character assassination. How many of us could withstand the same level of assaults that have come her way without throwing up our hands and crawling under a rock? Her adherence to her beliefs in the sanctity of life have been tested, and she passed with flying colors. Even though the media and the left attacked her mercilessly for resigning as governor, I see in her decision the selfless act of removing from the state of Alaska the burden of what the left was trying to do to her. She put her state first even though that is lost on most commentators.

In review we find in Sarah Palin is that common sense conservative approach to problem solving that is attractive to a growing number of Americans. A real life experience that most except the elites can relate to. A meteorite rise in accomplishments that confound the normal politician. Most of all a proven character that is desperately needed in our public figures of today. Besides these four attributes she now has the support, love, and admiration of a willing army of like minded conservatives ready to go to battle against arrogant elitism that threatens our country and our very way of life. If she chooses to lead, they will follow.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Is The Real Feminist?

Recently in an interview with Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem intimated that you can't be  be a feminist who says other women can't have abortions. This was in an answer to a question from the perky one, that Sarah Palin calling herself a feminist has rankled some traditional feminists. First of all who is to decide what a traditional feminist is? Many would say that a feminist is someone who embraces their femininity. I must admit that since I am not a woman, even though on occasion I defer to my feminine side, I am limited in my exposition of what a feminist is. What is something that is exclusively feminine? Women can do most things that men can do, and men can do most things women can do. Women are now soldiers and construction workers, while many men are primary care takers for children. Whether you consider this healthy or not for society, it is what it is.

There is of course one thing that is exclusively women. Let's set aside Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in the Hollywood movie Junior. If you are unfamiliar with Junior, the premise was that Arnold the muscleman becomes pregnant. The probable reason for Junior's box office disaster, besides Arnold's less than award winning performance,  was the complete absurdity of the premise. Everyone knows that pregnancy and child birth is exclusively a woman's honor. It is the one thing that no man can do, and after watching the women in their life go through it, what man would want to to? Every woman that experiences the drama of child birth deserves the title of Hero. No man could do what these women do. Women were exclusively wired and built to endure the pain and change that child birth brings.

Now lets get back to Ms. Steinem's assertion. She said that you can't be a feminist if you say other women can't have abortions. I'm assuming that since abortion is legal in this country that she's referring to women that favor some abortion restrictions. I guess that would mean any woman that favors restrictions on partial birth, or third trimester abortions would fit into her definition of a non feminist. I'm assuming that her definition of a feminist would be anyone who favors unrestricted abortion rights. So let me get this straight. A feminist to her is someone who favors and supports the denial of themselves and others the one act that makes women exclusively feminine. Supporting the reduction of child birth...{the one exclusive feminine act}..through abortion, makes you a feminist? Sounds to me like an oxymoron. It's kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In reality Ms. Steinem is not championing womens rights, she's trying to turn women into deities. She wants women to have the power of live and death. Whether she believes in God or not, she believes women should be the deciders of who lives and who dies. We all have heard from the, {traditional feminists,} that this decision should be between the woman and her doctor. Well we all know that no matter what the doctor recommends it's still the woman that has the final say. Could it be that a lack of belief in God causes many to elevate themselves to that position? It's the natural succession of those that do not understand the existence of God, to become a god onto themselves. This is not to say that women shouldn't have choice, but perhaps that choice should be made before the conception of a child.

Now let's get back to our heroine, Sarah Palin. We all remember that when she was in New Orleans she took the home pregnancy test that revealed the existence of Trig. She thought for a moment that no one would know and maybe she should take care of this. There was an obvious understanding and empathy of the difficult predicament many women find themselves in. But as a true feminist she decided to follow through with the one act that makes her exclusively woman. Rather than exalting herself to a position reserved only for God she stayed feminine, she stayed woman. Her belief in God gave her the strength to stay true to who she was and is...a woman...a feminist. By the time she found out Trig would have Downs, she had already cemented her decision based on her pro life beliefs. And even though this news had to be devastating, she with the support of a feminist supporting husband made the exclusively feminist decision to engage in the exclusively feminist act...child birth. And as she has said many times, Trig is a true blessing from God. She also says that the women that protect their children like Mama Grizzlies, {whether in the womb or out} are the new conservative feminists.

I've talked to many women that have had abortions. Some have regretted the decision and others have not. Many with regret understand they intruded into God only territory and left their exclusive feminist identity.  Now they should be proud to have found their way back to true  feminism. Those that understand what a true feminist is and decide to follow through with their pregnancy should be applauded. Those that make the decision to do what even Hollywood and Arnold Schwarzenegger can't pull off but only true feminists can, should not be intimidated by the likes of Gloria Steinem.... a fake feminist. Remember this also, many of those aborted fetuses that Gloria Steinem considers non persons are little girls and future feminists.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sarah Shows Her Clout

As the Tuesday primaries came and went one political figure had a very good night, and that person was Sarah Palin. The three of four candidates she endorsed won, and several of them won big. Her endorsement of Nikki Haley was essential in Haley's almost 50% vote among a field of four candidates for the republican nomination for governor of South Carolina. She will be headed to a runoff election in two weeks unless US representative Gresham Barrett bows out with only 22% of the vote. The inside scoop is that republican leaders are encouraging him to do just that. Haley was a victim of good ole boy politics as accusations of infidelity surfaced over the last several weeks. Palin stuck with Haley and mentioned that the accuser was trying to make things up. It was Haley's reformer mantle that drew distinction from the republican establishment and comparisons to Sarah's own political history. If anyone could understand and sympathize with false accusations, Sarah can.

Next Sarah's endorsement of Carly Fiorina in the race for the republican nomination to face Barbara Boxer in California brought a huge victory for Fiorina. The polls were much closer until Sarah's endorsement which brought huge controversy as many of the Tea Party groups felt Fiorina was not the strongest conservative in the race. Sarah underlined Fiorina's strong pro life and NRA endorsements to counter that charge which helped sway conservatives to her side. Sarah even made robo calls for Fiorina in the final days of the campaign. Fiorina will be a strong challenger for Boxer's seat and can bring unlimited spending to this race.

Sarah also endorsed Terry Branstad in the Iowa governor's race which also surprised some conservatives. She was able to reassure many that Branstad was indeed a true conservative, and seems to be positioning  herself as a huge asset to those she endorses. The only loser of the evening that Sarah endorsed was the Arkansas house candidate..Cecile Bledsoe. Bledsoe was a distant second until the Palin endorsement, and appears to have just lost, although the final results are not in. She described Bledsoe as a "Mama Grizzly," and a leader of a new feminist conservative surge.

The results of Tuesday's primaries are revealing and show Sarah's political impact for those she endorses. You can bet that as more primaries continue on through the summer that many will seek her endorsement. It's somewhat humorous that democrat primary candidates are running away from Barack Obama while republican primary candidates are seeking the endorsement of Sarah Palin. Seems to me a "Battle Royal" is shaping up for the 2012 elections.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah Stands With Arizona's Governor

Sarah Palin recently appeared in Arizona at the request of governor Jan Brewer to stand in unison with her and most Arizonans in support of the new Arizona immigration enforcement law. The rhetoric from the left and especially Barack Obama has been shameful and an obvious attempt to divide the country by race for political advantage. It won't work, as most Americans support the Arizona law which actually has tougher language to avoid racial profiling than the federal law now on the books. Sarah made it clear in her remarks that the feds aren't doing their job to enforce our border security, and challenged the president to do just that. She didn't mince words and now has a new ally in Jan Brewer who herself has taken targeted shots at Obama for making jokes about the Arizona law and his shameful attempt to divide by race.

It's great to see conservative women standing up to this demagoguery perpetrated by this administration which came into office promising to be post partisan and post racial.  They are neither, and it seems the conservative women are the ones holding them accountable. Kudos to governor Jan Brewer and of course Sarah Palin for telling the truth about the law and upholding the immigration laws of our country. Let's take Sarah's advice and visit Arizona. Lets not let  boycott mania hurt a state that is standing strong against the left by protecting our borders and enforcing the law. Conservatives are very supportive of legal immigration and always have been. But, with the Mexican drug wars spilling  over the southern border and the chance of a suitcase nuke or backpack bomb sneaking in, it is just common sense to stop the parade of illegals.

Maybe we should start our own boycott of sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce the law. Recently the mayor of Los Angeles said that illegal immigration is a boom to their area. If that be the case maybe those border states should offer one way transportation to all those sanctuary cities for any illegal immigrant so inclined to go where the welcome mat is out. In the meantime let's change our vacation plans from those cities and instead visit the great people of Arizona. The best way to stop a boycott is simply go on the offensive and boycott them back. It's simple math. There are many more in support of the Arizona law than opposed to it, so if we all joined forces we could hurt those cities that boycott Arizona and refuse to enforce our laws. We are the majority, so lets act like it, and not let the left use this opportunity to divide our country.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Sarah Defends Day Of Prayer

Sarah Palin last night defended the idea of a national day of prayer, while pronouncing that America is a Christian nation. Thank God she is willing to stand up for our principles and understands that this country was founded on the Judeo Christian belief system. Our founders, even though some were either agnostic or even atheists understood the right of all individuals to discuss and practice their religious beliefs in the public square. Somehow progressive thought has so distorted the original intend that the founders had in forming this wonderful country on religious freedom and biblical principles. Of course most of us understand there was no intention of removing all religious suggestions from the public square, but a simple 1st amendment prohibition of the government making laws respecting a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

There's an inscription on the American Liberty bell that reads..."Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." {Leviticus 25:10}. Apparently the progressives believe this does not include religious freedom in the public square, and all religious references must be stripped from our public institutions. This is ludicrous and was never the original intent of our founders. Whenever Israel started to gather slaves and bond servants they were rebuked by God..."Ye have not hearkened unto me, in proclaiming liberty every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbor: behold, I proclaim a liberty for you, saith the Lord." {Jeremiah 34:17}. The Judeo Christian belief system that was the inspiration for the founders was not oppressive but rather liberating to all that accepted it. Mans natural progression if not abated was to progress from anarchy to tyranny. George Washington said that, and this is the reason the founders emphasized individual rights rather than a collective mentality. Sarah Palin understands what all this means and she lives it daily...That's why we love her...
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sarah Is Findign Her Groove

Sarah Palin's interview on Hannity earlier this week was a home run, and it appears she is finding her sweet spot in these give and takes. When she first started as a Fox News contributor there was a slight nervousness and she did seem to repeat herself a lot. Now there's more depth of understanding and an incredibly likable connection that seems natural with her.  I watched the interview, trying to be as objective as possible, and found myself informed in a reasonable common sense way that brought the issue into clear view for me and I'm sure millions of other Americans. I turned to me wife who had just walked into the room and asked her to watch it as I pushed the DVR replay button. She sat there silently and had the exact same reaction at the conclusion of the interview. Up to this point she has not been all that enthusiastic about the governor. She appreciated Sarah's ability to break down the immigration law in Arizona to easily understandable terms that cut through all the race baiting rhetoric.

Sarah's ability to unite the country rather than divide it will speak to most Americans except of course those that wish to divide for political advantage. Much like our illustrious president who seems to want to turn the immigration debate into a racial rather than law enforcement issue. He understands he loses when it comes to the legality of immigration so his attempt to divide on racial lines is not constructive, and is devolving into the least common denominator. It's painful to watch a president who took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States politicize this issue on racial grounds for some democrat bump in the midterms. It will not work, and Sarah understands the American people are not racists, and the idea of labeling them as such for political advantage is anathema. Her ability to shed the vicious attacks on her by the far left is refreshing and bodes well for a presidential run in 2012. There will be no name she hasn't been called, and every derogatory label will have been used and failed to stick. She continues to be a champion of common sense conservatives as well as a lightning rod to the left. The big question is, does she have the ability to reach that squishy middle and explode the narrative the left has tried to construct about her?

If she continues with successful and revealing interviews like this recent one, and can gain the ear of the undecided she should progress far beyond any ones expectations. We all remember that her initial coming out at the republican convention in 2008 was a smashing success, and the more she can articulate her views and policy positions without a mainstream media filter the better her chances of winning over the public that has been bombarded with misinformation about her. The narrative the left has projected is tired and easily destroyed with just a few minutes of Sarah being herself with charm and grace. Truly no politician in my lifetime appears to have the ability to connect with common sense Americans like Sarah Palin. Americans are tired of being talked down to by the ruling elite, and crave a real down to earth leader that shares their values and a strong sense of patriotic duty. The stars may be aligned for a small government, common sense conservative politician, with free market experience and a strong sense of right and wrong. The president and the democrats over reach may be paving the road for just that. Their assaults on freedom and free markets plus Sarah's championing the same are nurturing an environment for a massive shift back to a government by, for, and of the people.Watch Sarah's interview here...
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sarah's Takes America's Side

It seems absolutely absurd that the president of the United States would make a statement like he did the other day, "whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower." Sarah Palin picked up on the presidents obvious bone headed statement to once again reveal his problem with our unmatched power. Once again she makes a Face book posting that hits this president right where it hurts. She never seems to miss an opportunity to point out the very un-American leanings of our American president. If most people are as offended by Obama's statement as I am, then they should be just as appreciative that Sarah is holding him accountable.

These types of statements seem to be coming at an increased regularity. In an answer to a reporters question about American Exceptionalism Obama responded by saying, "I believe in American exceptionalism just as I suspect  the Brits would believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." This shows he really doesn't understand why America is the exception and not the rule, as he's confusing exceptionalism with national pride. That may be why he's trying to move our country to a European style of socialism and blur the lines between America and the rest of the world.

Sarah, on the other hand understands what makes this country great and different than any other in the history of mankind. She knows why we've, up to this point been the envy of the world and a refuge from tyranny and oppression. She has the same kind of positive outlook that resided in Ronald Reagan that brought us out from the malaise of the Carter years and put us on a road to economic and psychological recovery. It's time to applaud those that defend and uphold our values rather than apologize for them like this president has repeatedly done. Obama is making a midterm massacre seem like a slam dunk, although none of us should take it for granted and we should continue to fight with every fiber of our being to make sure it happens.

We should all pick up on Sarah's lead and not let anti-American statements by this administration and the democrats in congress go without a challenge, and be sure they're brought to the attention of everyone in our sphere of influence. We can win this battle one voter at a time, so go out and educate yourself. Stay informed and remember we have our little general running interference in the mainstream media that starts a dialogue that will expose this president for who is, and what he's attempting to do to our country.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sarah Continues Her Assault On Obama

As we move into a vicious and contentious midterm election this November, Sarah Palin continues to be the big draw and still is keeping the president as well as democrats on the defensive. Her appearance with Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota this last Wednesday showed her star power as thousands attended and the crowd diminished considerable after she left the stage. Her critique of Obama's new nuclear non-proliferation doctrine drew a question for Obama from George Stephanapoulis on a Good Morning America segment. You could see that the messiah was visibly annoyed at the question, as he tried to dismiss Sarah's take on the issue as inconsequential, and contended she lacked any kind of experience in nuclear issues.

Sarah shot back at the SRLC, Southern Republican Leadership Conference, later in the week and  mocked Obama's nuclear experience as a community organizer. She has an inherent ability to strike at the core of Obama's inexperience  with humor and derision that usually sends the audience into uproarious laughter. The president would be wise not to engage her, as Sarah's followup remarks are damaging and always get much press. Could it be a preview of presidential debates to come? Her appearance at the conference was very well received and the conference as a whole was full of excellent speeches.

Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this week and of course what would her appearance be without a Sarah Palin impression segment. The mocking segment of the Sarah Palin Network was actually quite funny, and really showed a contrast between Sarah's common sense approach  as opposed to Obama's intellectual theory form of governing. I don't know if it was intentional but it actually struck a note of how out of touch this president is with the American people. I'm sure she was trying to paint Sarah as a simplistic ditz, but by contrasting Obama's agenda and pointing out how the American people are now beginning to view his policies, he didn't come off all that well. Of course she had to take a shot at Tea Party activists and try to make them look stupid, fat, and tobacco chewing rednecks. The problem is the demographics of Tea Party participants is just the opposite. Rather then Sarah supporters getting upset at Fey's mocking impressions, they should rejoice, understanding that impression is the highest form of flattery, and if Sarah wasn't relevant to the debate there would be none of this. As a conservative man, I can't help but notice that even though Fey does a decent impression, she pales in comparison to Sarah's beauty.

As we move closer to those vaunted midterms, Sarah's appearance in news story will undoubtedly increase as she crisscrosses the country campaigning for conservatives everywhere. This administration will be swamped with questions about Sarah's criticism and this should make for some interesting coverage. I'm wondering if news rooms around the country will continue to take flak from the administration for asking the messiah questions about Sarah's take on the issues. As a Chicago style community organizer, we all know how prickly he can get when he's not allowed to control the debate. Sarah gets under the skin of this administration and the democrats more than any one individual out there today.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarah Hosts Real American Stories

Sarah's hosting of Real American Stories Thursday night on the Fox News channel was excellent. The show was inspiring much like Sarah herself. She seemed completely comfortable in this format. What Americans need today is more of this kind of programming that highlight the inspirational and heart tucking stories of Americans who've overcome adversity, or have been unusually heroic. The human spirit is limitless in it's ability to overcome any situation, and I can't think of a more appropriate host than Sarah Palin. She has overcome the odds and venomous attacks to come out the other side with a cheerful positivity that is attracting conservative and others all over the country. She has a gift of making  comfortable those she had on the show. When the dog Elia wouldn't respond to commands she adroitly mentioned maybe he thought you'd said fetch. Earlier the Mother has revealed that was one command he wouldn't obey. It brought some levity to an uncomfortable moment for the family. That is a gift that few people possess. Ronald Reagan had that ability.

Sarah kicked off the first stop at the Tea Party Express last week in Searchlight Nevada to a rousing crowd. You almost feel sorry for poor old Harry Reid, with that kind of crowd gathering in his home town rallying against his leadership and unfortunate deal making that rammed through an un-popular and unwise health care bill. Next week she joins Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota for another huge gathering. These two dynamic conservative women are doing more to resist the agenda of Barack Obama than most of the republican men combined. Kudos to the strong and conservative female contingent that is also providing leadership in the Tea Part Movement all over the country. We men will have to step up our game to keep up with an overwhelming increase in conservative women finding their voice in opposition to what is happening to our country. We shouldn't be intimidated, just inspired, and there is no greater inspiration then Sarah Palin.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah's Keeping Busy

Sarah's now taking heat from the mainstream media because she wrote on her facebook page a strategy to defeat vulnerable democrats who voted for Obama Care, and are in districts that she and McCain carried in the 2008 elections. Her page included a map that showed dots with cross hairs on them as the target districts. Mary Kate Cary in a US News and World Report article criticizes the little general for using this graphic. Apparently the use of a target to indicate a target will somehow incite violence, and put those democrat congressmen in grave danger. Maybe the huge national chain "Target," should remove their logo from all their stores to not present wannabe snipers a convenient target. Apparently they trying to tell us that Sarah is somehow sending a subliminal message to all Tea Party, {gun toting, tobacco chewing, trigger happy, angry red necks,} they have the go ahead to take these congressmen and women out. The absurdity of their claim is laughable.

Most of these Main stream media sycophants of the democrat party are however buying into the coordinated effort by the democrat party to marginalize opponents of Obama Care, and cloud the debate, and distract from the new information coming out about the bill. Nancy Pelosi was right when she said, "we have to pass the bill so we can know what is in it." Whether or not the isolated threats, as well as the racial and sexual slurs are real, or orchestrated by democrat operatives is still an unanswered question. But, the democrat party's talking points and the media's over coverage is obviously coordinated. They are still on a nonstop campaign to marginalize both the Tea Party activists and Sarah Palin. Where were they when all the real threats and hate speech was happening for the eight years of Bush Cheney?

Sarah has signed an agreement to star in an eight part miniseries on the Discovery Channel called, "Sarah Palin's Alaska." She says she looks forward to working with executive producer Mark Burnett to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans. She is also heading to West Virginia to campaign against the reelection of two congressmen who voted for Obama Care. She said in her Face Book posting, "We are going to fire them and send them back to the private sector, which has been shrinking thanks to their destructive government-growing policies. Maybe when they join the millions of unemployed, they'll understand why Americans wanted them to focus on job creation and an invigorated private sector. Come November we're going to be printing pink slips for members of congress faster than they've been printing money." I must say I'm feeling a little sorry for congressmen Mollohan and Rahall. Sarah's obvious star power will engender huge audiences and attention to their ill advised votes on Obama Care. This is only a prelude to her crisscrossing the country for the next seven months campaigning for conservative candidates while exposing the progressives who's arrogant indifference to the will of the people is putting our economy at risk.

It's time to put up or shut up for freedom loving Americans who are appalled by Obama Care and the continued non-stop growth of the federal government. We have in Sarah Palin a leader that has the character and resolve to pave the way for a massive electoral revolt against elitism and unchecked spending that is careening our economy into a debilitating ditch. She has been tried and tested through the fires of a national campaign. She's come out the other side stronger, wiser and more determined than ever to lead the disaffected and marginalized middle America to defeating the powers of progressive policy. Her resolve in the face of constant sniping should encourage the discouraged, and empower the powerless to stand tall in the face of tyranny. The leader is leading, the army is growing, and the targets of the American people's wrath are well in focus. Let's retake our country.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sarah Rocks Tulsa

Sarah Palin appeared with Glenn Beck over the weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma at the kick off for the "Taking Our Country Back Tour." She chided expanding government and continued deficit spending to rousing applause. "We understand what they're trying to do to this country," she said. "We understand and we don't like it." Her and Glenn Beck make a dynamic duo, and seem to bring out the best in their audience. By best, I mean they seem to hit a nerve that wakes up every day Americans and call them to action. No political figure that I can ever remember, has had such an immediate and influential impact on every day Americans as Sarah has. She is loved by conservative that are tired of being talked down to, and despised by elitist who enjoy talking down to conservatives. Her simple and traditional roots and mannerisms evoke an allegiance to those who have heretofore been shut out of the political process, thinking their voice would never be heard. She is their voice and their identity. They see for the first time someone who represents them and their values.

Karl Rove said over the weekend that if Sarah is planning a presidential run in 2012, "she should get ready now." "This is her year to get ready for the hot spotlight that will fall on her...I don't know if she wants to, she certainly can, she did well in the 63 days she was on the national stage," he said. Those are words of praise from a seasoned political strategist who brought George W. Bush two electoral wins. There are rumors floating about that Sarah is shopping a reality show, and many other distracting things that those of us who support her for a presidential run would rather not hear. But whatever she decides to do her impact on the political landscape will be huge. It may come down to all her supporters drafting her for the job. I'd rather have a president who is compelled by the electorate  to run than someone who plots and plans a presidential run their entire life, as our last two democrat presidents did. She will have a huge impact in the upcoming midterms as she goes around the country stumping for conservative candidates. She will be the hottest ticket in town this year.

I'm amazed that her and Michele Bachmann seem to be the most aggressive republican spokes persons condemning the Obama administration. Where are all the republican men? Why are these two little women doing more to hold this administration and the democrats to account than all the republican men in congress have done combined? God's speed to both of them, and I know they will be appearing together at several events this year ...
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kudos... Jay Leno

Jay Leno started out his second  stint on the Tonight Show by having Sarah Palin as guest on Tuesday night. Sarah was magnificent. She was relaxed, as she continued to poke fun at her palm notes from her Tea Party performance, reminding people it is the poor mans teleprompter....I bet you she knows how to pronounce corpsman even though it's written on her palm....Take a lesson Barack....She talked about the need for a media that keeps opinion out of hard news stories, and that her kids have been singled out for press scrutiny and distortions, while the media has largely left other children in political life alone. It didn't come off as complaining.

She also defended the Tea Party movement, when Jay questioned her about it, and once again reiterated her belief that it shouldn't branch into a third party. She was so relaxed, and looked so comfortable in this format, she obviously won many over. It would do her well to do more of these kinds of interviews, simple because she seems to connect with the every day American that struggles, and laughs and raises their kids. It's time we had a politician that leaves the arrogance and condescension behind and goes right through the filter of the main stream media. Of course the Tonight show isn't going to give an accurate and involved insight into the thoughts and policy ideas of a politician, but it can open the door for a more  receptive audience when those interviews and speeches are forthcoming.

Sarah is so likable and real, and the left knows it. That's why they have continued a non-stop campaign to discredit her. It takes much character and perseverance to come through the assaults she has taken over the last 18 months. The main stream media is much worse off, as the American people, who are fundamentally a fair group have shown their displeasure with them for their obvious bias, to not just Sarah but conservative men and especially women. We see many mainstream outlets in severe financial trouble, with continued layoffs and shrinking audiences. One outlet, Fox News has continued to grow and win in the ratings war. Sarah topped off her Tonight show appearance with a very funny stand up routine that poked fun at Obama and the congress. Thank you Jay Leno for letting the American people see governor Palin in a new light. Of course we know it can only help your ratings also. Letterman must be kicking himself for alienating the best ratings booster on television today.....Video Of her appearance is here...
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah's A Tea Party Gal

Sarah Palin today told Sean Hannity that the Tea Party should take over the Republican party. It's obvious, like Ronald Reagan she believes in the two party system, and thinks that rather than starting a third party that the Tea Party should work from within that system. It's true many Tea Party members are running for precinct committee heads and and other positions within the party all over the country, and doing what they can to change the Republican party from the ground up.

Sarah also stated that she considers herself a member of the Tea Party, because she believes in their fundamental tenets of small government, free market principles and a strong national defense. She believes in freedom. She is resisting the temptation of leading a third party movement which bodes well for her future in national politics. She also said she's willing to endorse and campaign for candidates who embrace a smaller, smarter government, a strong national defense, and fundamental freedoms. Her newest facebook post is another pithy criticism of the new strategy of Obama to try and save Obama Care, by wresting it away from congressional democrats and putting his own fingerprints on it. She mentions how all the job killing measure in the original senate bill are still present, which with the recent jobs reports should be emphasized... Keep up the good work Sarah, and hold them accountable....
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Friday, February 19, 2010

It Just Wasn't Funny

The actress who was the voice over for the Family Guy segment which featured a Down's syndrome young women mentioning that her mother was the former governor of Alaska has given an interview, and said, ' I guess former governor Palin doesn't have a sense of humor." My response to that is, what's funny about using downs syndrome as a way to get a cheap laugh? And cheap is being very generous. Apparently the actress Andrea Fay Friedman has Downs syndrome herself, and took an addition swipe at Sarah by saying in an email statement, "My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes."

She said in the interview that the line in Family Guy was funny. But as we can see by her email statement her mocking of Sarah and Trig doesn't come without some sort of political or ideological bias against the governor and Trig. Whether that was developed on her own or coached, no one knows for sure. We can only imagine the out cry by the media and the left, if some TV show mocked the Obama girls and their heritage because they are black. I'm not suggesting there's any comparison to being born black and being born with Downs syndrome, but neither is a choice that the individual can choose. And maybe that's the rub here. The left has consistently suggested that abortion would have been the wise choice for Sarah Palin. She does not fit their ideological template. They equate choice to mean, any unfortunate pregnancy that could be a challenge or inconvenient should be snuffed out. Choice for them doesn't include a choice for life that doesn't meet their Nazi like mindset, of an imperfect human being. We have heard Sarah say many times that Trig is perfect, and he is. God blessed them with Trig and he has been and will continue to be a blessing to them.

But, with all the challenges a Downs syndrome individual goes through, and Miss Friedman should know that, there should be empathy and understanding, not mockery. If a downs person comes to the point in their life when they can laugh at themselves, then more power to them, but to mock both child and mother is cruel and inexcusable. I'm sure Sarah has no problem with a sense of humor as she has shown time and again, but stay away from her children. The media has accepted that request from the Obamas. Doesn't Sarah Palin deserve the same respect. Once again the double standard is stark, and seems to be even more acceptable if it's against a conservative woman. The left seems to have a problem with downs, and mentally challenged individuals. Obama himself took a swipe at the special Olympics on Leno, and Rahm Emanuel ranted, "F***ing Retards," and even Al Gore, years ago, made a reference to extra chromosome individuals when referring to conservatives. The double standard must be challenged, so once again thank you Sarah for doing your part.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah On O'Reilly

Sarah Palin appeared once again on O'Reilly as a Fox News analyst and took on the Family Guy dust up. If you haven't seen the clip from "Family Guy," you may watch it here. It's a disgusting display of mocking special needs children to the point where the creator of Family Guy should be fired by Fox. Seth MacFarlane has taken this show to a new low, and he should be marginalized just as someone making fun of an individual's race would be.

Since when do we so cavalierly mock a special needs child for something they have no control over. It's time this was called what it is. It's on the par with racism, and should be reacted to the same way. This supposed progressive television show is making clear to all, how progressives view special needs children...I call on liberals as well as conservative to call for the firing of Seth MacFarlane by Fox. I'm not holding my breathe for liberals to speak out against this, seeing how they've lied about, and tried to destroy Palin at every turn.

Sarah of course was outraged, but instead of letting her momma bear instinct strike out she let Bristol, her daughter say how she felt about the mocking of Trig on her face book posting. It would be difficult enough for children of a celebrity to cope with all the distractions that come with that increased attention, but how much more to see your special needs little brother constantly mocked. Sarah vowed on O'Reilly that she will continue to speak out in defense of the special needs community, and we should all applaud her for that.
Her weekend in Daytona Beach was another success, with cheering crowds and autograph seekers. She is a rock star where ever she goes, and continues to be a thorn in the side of the Obama administration.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biden Talks About Sarah

"May I call you Joe," Biden appeared on the Larry King show the other day, and Larry asked him what he thought of Sarah Palin. Joe tried to appear polite in his condescending way, by first of all saying, "I like her." It's instructive that he obviously is approaching the whole Palin phenomenon in a different way than the Chris Matthews' and the rest of the Lame Stream media. After all, he's the vice president. He doesn't want to say what he'd really like to say, so he approaches it a little more diplomatically. "I like her, but," is looking more like the administration's method of  belittling Sarah without appearing to have contracted Palin Derangement syndrome. "She's engaging, and has a great personality," he says, but, there's that unavoidable but, we were all waiting to hear. He emphasizes, "I don't agree with her," he says. "Some of the things she says, are not, well." implying I don't want to say she's crazy, But, "some of her comments she's made, are so far out there, I don't know where they come from." Then he goes on to belittle the Palin supporters, and the Tea Party movement in the same condescending way, implying it's not a large enough movement to cause any real concern.

First of all Joe, lets tackle, the concept of what's way far out there. Maybe a lot of people feel a one and a half trillion dollar deficit for this fiscal year is a "bit out there." Maybe trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future is considered "way far out there." Maybe the concept of the government taking over car companies and attempting to take over our health care system is "out there." The concept of huge tax increases and a constant near 10% unemployment rate is "seriously out there." How about mortgaging our kids future and the prospect of a lower standard of living is that "out there?"  I like you Joe, you have a great personality, but, a national energy tax on all consumers so you and the messiah can pursue your pie in the sky green energy utopia could be considered by some as, "out there."

Now let me ask you Joe. May I call you Joe? who's really out there? Who are the real extremists?  Is it Sarah, her followers, and the Tea Party movement? Or is it you Joe, and that, I quote your words, "clean articulate black man" that chose you to be his vice president? Could it be that Sarah, and those disenfranchised  you talk about are really fighting against extremism? Fighting against extreme, "out there" spending and taxation. Fighting against extreme "way out there" government interference in the private sector. Could they be wrestling against mortgaging their children's future because of extreme "out there " deficits. Maybe it's the concept of a government deciding winners and losers to reward political allies and punish those who disagree with them is considered by some as "way far out there."

Joe, you know what, I like you. You're a very engaging man, with a bright smile and appealing personality. But,  your concept of what and who are "way far out there," is "way far out there.." But, it's good to see the White house has let you out for a while. We know it was only Larry King, but that's a beginning. I'm sure a few people saw the interview, and we are blessed that other media outlets picked it up so we could hear your concepts of "out there.". It's a good thing Larry asked you about Sarah Palin. If he hadn't, probably no one would have heard anything you had to say. So Joe, be thankful you have Sarah. We know you believe she and many like her are a small movement, but, they did garner you some well deserved attention.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sarah Palin"s keynote speech at the first annual Tea party convention in Nashville Saturday night was a home run  with two outs, and a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. She was absolutely right on with her criticism of the Obama administration, as well as her enunciation of what the Tea party and the common sense conservatism movement is all about. Her best line of the night was when talking about national defense she said,"We need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at a lectern." Another great line was, "foreign policy can't be managed through the power of personality." A slap at Obama who has put forth the idea that because he is who he is, our enemies would be more receptive to America, and less antagonistic.

She was Reaganesque in her enunciation of the conservative principles of free market capitalism, and small government, with reduced taxes, and less regulation. Watching the liberal spin after the speech, the left wing media seemed to criticize her for not being specific, and speaking in generalities. But, that was exactly how Ronald Reagan galvanized the country and won two landslide victories in the eighties. She was interrupted multiple times by an energized  audience that at one point during the question and answer session began chanting, "run Sarah run."

During that question and answer session, she said the Tea Party movement didn't need a leader, "like a bunch of sheep," but would do good to continue as a grass roots movement, implying that bottom up was the best way for a movement still finding its voice, and increasing with time. The liberals should be reeling as she has become a rock star with little competition as the administrations main foil, who seems to be able to gender a response from the White House and the liberal media for every criticism she levels against them.

Not only was her Tea Party speech a smashing success, but her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, showed her ability to field question with concise answers with great conviction and complete ease. Her Response to a question of NBC's recent attack involving her Husband and emails he sent was defiant and without apology. She seems to be finding her voice, and always looks in control, as well as attractive and very amiable even in the face of tough questioning. She has a way of disarming the questioner with an inner joy and peace of mind that signals she believes what she's saying. She also said she would run for president if she believed it would be best for the country and the Palin family.

The liberal mantra, that she is not qualified and is a dunderhead is becoming old, tired and easily refuted in the light of her most recent media appearances. The liberals elitists like to talk in nuance and complexity, but the American people want to hear common sense conservative solutions to enormous problems we face as a country. If  the elitists can complicate the solutions, they can exclude those every day Americans from a voice at the table. What Sarah does is speak directly to those same Americans and give them a feeling they can and should be part of the solution. She gives them a voice, and that's why her popularity is growing with every speech and appearance. The American people are hearing her give voice to their concerns about a federal government that seems completely out of control and talking down to those questioning their agenda. That is a powerful voice, that will continue to garner allegiance from the disenfranchised. Every day brings greater faith for a conservative revolution with Sarah leading the way..
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah Calls Out The Chicago Thug Machine.

Sarah's new face book posting is used to ask the president to fire his White House chief of staff for a crude and insensitive outburst. He called some participants in a strategy session, "f***ing retarded." The insensitivity of this statement, and the insult to any American with a family member born with a learning or mental disability is appalling. Like she said in her face book posting, no one would condone someone using the N word or a similar racial slur. She is the warrior for those facing discrimination because of a mental disability or a birth condition that limits learning. Of course her own decision to bring to term her precious downs syndrome son, Trig, is an inspiration to all pro-life Americans, and gives courage to other women in similar situations.

She practices what she preaches, and that character strength is the most attractive appeal to millions of Americans. I ran a poll recently on this blog, and I asked what was Sarah's most appealing characteristic, and by far her character was number one from a choice of four, with 74%...Her policies positions was second, with 23%, and her accomplishments was a distant third. It seems millions of Americans are tired of the hypocrisy and corruption that plagues Washington. Every day Americans are desiring a new kind of politician that puts principle and integrity above policy. Her courage to take on a Washington establishment, and seemingly to get their attention is causing her star to rise at light speed. Rahm Emmanuel has already apologized for the incident, and Sarah's face book posting was the catalyst for that apology. There's no word yet on whether the president will take Sarah's advice and replace Emmanuel, but I wouldn't hold my breathe. This president doesn't seem to have the decency and courage to do what's right in the face of a crude and appalling statement by a member of his Chicago thug machine.

Another recent poll by the Daily Kos seems to be causing a buzz.. By a whopping 53 to 14% the republicans in this poll believe Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama himself. Of course we all knew that all along, but many in the republican party are discovering for themselves Sarah's qualifications. She has had a very good last three months, and a new magazine named "Sarah Palin," hit news stands in mid January. The magazine sells for $8.99 and its cover has a picture of Sarah with the words, "Sarah Palin ..the untold her own, family, freedom...Can she save America?... Sarah had nothing to do with the publication of this magazine, and it apparently has over 100 pages of must see pictures. There is no commentary contained in the magazine. The sky's the limit for the Alaskan phenom....and the more people see of her, without the filter of the mainstream media, the more they like her. Keep holding them accountable... Sarah....
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah Celebrates Pro-life Ad

Sarah Palin is speaking out against Women's groups like NOW, for their hysterical reaction to a pro-life super bowl add that features Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. Sarah seems to be one conservative with the courage and fortitude to call out these so-called women's groups on their hypocrisy and double standard. Of course Sarah comes to this argument with a living proof of how a choice for life, even under difficult conditions, doesn't have to be a career killer. Her life exemplifies the new empowered woman who can have a family, a career, and do it all with grace and success even with the birth of a special needs child.

These so-called women's groups seem to despise her because she has proven their contentions irrelevant, and provided a living model for young women in similar situations. The add is a inspirational story of a woman making a decision against the advice of doctors that carrying her child to term could be unwise. Well the obvious results stands before the world to see. Tim Tebow is the kind of son every parent dreams of.

The feminist opposition to an add like this is not a celebration of choice, but rather a close minded manipulation of the media to support their agenda, and Sarah for one is calling them out. I find her instantaneous response to the most controversial issues refreshing. She has no fear of wading deeply into the mud pit of rhetorical debate to pull out nuggets of inspirational truth that inspires the conservative mind set.

Her face book posting earlier this week attacks Obama and his insistence that the American people just don't seem to be getting what he's trying to do, and therefore his agenda is suffering because of a communication problem. She rightfully excoriates his insistence to bring in old campaign personnel to simple re-package the old message, instead of listening to what the voters are saying and demanding. David Plouffe's admonition that Obama supporters just need to get on the same page, when the book needs to be scrapped, shows contempt for the people. Thank you Sarah for continuing your fight for common sense solutions that could bring this economy out of the doldrums. We appreciate your ready and steady hand to speak out in opposition to dangerous and costly policies.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah's Loyalty

Sarah Palin's decision to campaign for and with John McCain in his reelection bid in the state of Arizona has many conservatives up in arms. I myself, am dumbfounded that anyone would even question her loyalty to the  man, that by choosing her as his vice presidential pick in 2008, made her a national figure, and a viable candidate for president in 2012. All conservatives understand that McCain is not a conservative in the tradition of Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin. His fingerprints on an immigration bill that in essence granted amnesty to millions of illegals, while legal immigrants waited years in a process that the 2007 bill circumvented, was anathema to conservatives. His crafting of a campaign finance bill with Russ Feingold, did nothing but empower democrats and stifle Republican fund raising, and advocacy. The Supreme Court just this week did the proper thing and struck down most of that bill, and once again upheld the first amendment rights of all Americans to advocate for a candidate or position.

McCain has also been a proponent of global warming hysteria that differed little from his 2008 opponent Barack Obama. He and Palin had a serious difference of opinion on oil exploration in ANWR, and other energy policies during the campaign. He was also the darling of the left wing media and spent many Sunday's on television because of his opposition to some republican initiatives. The left loved him and his maverick label, until of course he became the opponent of their chosen one, Barack Obama. Even though he is a man of honor and a war hero there are many reasons for conservatives to consider him not one of them. But, the idea that Sarah Palin shouldn't support and work for the reelection of the man that stood with her during the 2008 campaign is ludicrous. He has supported her, and said nothing untoward about her, even though members of his campaign have spent the last 18 months trashing and belittling her. He has kept the high ground and been loyal to her.

Let's all get a grip and remember that loyalty is also a conservative trait. I wish all republican senators and congress men and women were as conservative as Sarah Palin. But, just because John McCain is not the conservative we desire in the senate, he did introduce us to Sarah Palin, and I like most of you, are thankful he did.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Sarah Swing The Bat

As Sarah Palin continues her quest to become a reputable political analyst on Fox News, she is receiving some criticism from even conservative voices. But, much of that criticism should be pointed toward the shows hosts, as they seemed to make the segments about her and her constant nemesis, the mainstream media. Isn't it time to move past all that and let her do the job she was hired to do. It is understandable that the first appearances on O'Reilly and Hannity, as well as Beck would include some give and take about the constant pounding she has taken. But, most of that was covered on her book tour interviews, and it's now time to let her do her thing. I for one believe that she can and will be a productive and provocative analyst if she stays away from conservative talking points, and begins to seriously study and prepare herself for the issues of the day.

Many of her Facebook postings over the last several months have been full of very in depth and serious policy positions, that were both informative and enlightening. They were also well timed to coincide with Obama agenda items that were currently being debated. She had the administration responding to everything she was saying, and receiving enormous support from the conservative base, and of course an enormous pounding from the liberal elites. She was and can still drive the agenda and put the administration on the defensive.

My hope is that in the next several weeks as she appears on Fox, the hosts will ask her in depth policy questions and let her shine as she does on her Facebook and Twitter postings. We also have to give her some room to make mistakes because of course television is a unforgiving format, and verbal gaffes will be exploited by the left. Beck mentioned how guarded she was, and who could blame her after what she's been through the last year and a half. In time I'm sure she will shine brightly, as no one could have accomplished as much as her and endured such vitriol without a huge learning curve and enormous personal character. I conducted a poll on this sight and found that 68% say her character is her most appealing characteristic, and second at 31% is her policy positions.

I for one am excited to see her take on the establishment in no uncertain terms. The best way to silence her critics is by provocative and insightful analysis, that goes to the heart of the countries current situation, that of course is being exacerbated by the Obama administration and democrats in congress. So, O'Reilly and Hannity, and Beck, and whatever other hosts she appears with, she's a big girl, so lay off the softballs, and let her swing the bat.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sarah's Debut

Sarah Palin took her first step in quieting critics and encouraging supporters with her debut on the O'Reilly Factor on Tuesday. She of course was attacked immediately by left wing bloggers and the mainstream media who continue to take pot shots and spread half truths. It's amazing that on  60 minutes Sunday, almost ten minutes were spend on the allegations regarding Sarah during the campaign, in the just released book "Game Change," and nothing was mentioned about Harry Reid and Bill Clinton's racially insensitive comments during the same period. It proves once again the fear the left has for The Governor, and their insistence to continue the nonstop propaganda war against her. They keep sighting polls that they say, show the American people don't believe she's qualified to be president. So my question is than, why are they so worried? If the American people don't want her as president why do they feel they have to take her out?

Chris Matthews made the statement on his bottom feeding MSNBC show, "hardball," that, "how can she be a commentator, when she doesn't know anything." Well, Chris, she was smart enough to sign on with a network that completely buries yours in the ratings, which ensures she will seen by far more people than even your wildest dreams. I can't wait to see the new numbers for the different cable news shows after she's been on for a few months. As far as CNN is concerned, their non stop vilification has backfired big time, as Fox now has the attention getter that will continue their rise and ensure CNN's slide. Now all they have left to compete is the Playgirl centerfold expert commentator, Levi Johnston. Good luck with that. They thought their Levi episodes would boost their ratings, and now they're stuck with the stark reality that all their sniper attacks have made Sarah stronger and boosted the viewership of their competitor. Although you can't really put CNN and Fox News ' ratings in the same hemisphere, because Fox has gone stratospheric.

It's beginning to appear that the left wing media, like the left wing administration, have both overstepped and caused the opposite reaction from the American people. The more they push their agenda the more the people push back, and the more popular Sarah Palin becomes. ABC is the new current purveyor of Palin impaling, as they stick the knife in on a segment of "Good Morning America," the morning after her debut on the Factor. They finally have to admit that she is still very popular with conservatives all around the country, which is probably the purpose of their nonstop assassination effort. They understand that conservatism is now the dominant political trend in the country, and Sarah's common sense approach is attractive to a public, weary of left leaning lunacy. The left has never learned that one indisputable truth, when you attack a person of charater and principle you help them to grow and excel.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Breaking News

Sarah Palin has signed on as a contributor to Fox News...A New York Times article has confirmed the signing. This is going to drive the left crazy. We all know they hate Fox News, and of course we understand their disdain for Sarah Palin. Now they're going to have to contend with, in their view, a two headed monster, that they have no answer for, Sarah and Fox News together. Besides the fact that this will take Fox New's ratings and drive them further into the stratosphere, it will give Sarah a chance to comment on the current state of politics in this country. MSNBC, and CNN, might as well give up the ghost, because Fox is far and away changing the landscape....Sarah will appear Tomorrow, January 12, on the O'Reilly Factor at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, 5:00 p.m. Pacific...
Stay Tuned...More coming!
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