Friday, November 13, 2009

Sarah Palin's Appeal To The Conservative Man

As the release of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" approaches, the media swirl around the event seems to dwarf Dorothy and Toto's Kansas tornado. As media organizations are drooling, and green with envy at those who've secured interviews and appearances, the ones that have are promoting their coup nonstop. Excerpts from the book are now being dribbled out and the frenzy to take a peek at this precocious politician's pronouncements is palpable. Let's examine for a moment the clear intrigue from one particular group and its perceived attraction to the new Alaskan phenomenon.

CONSERVATIVE MEN: We will abbreviate this group as "Con-men for Palin." This group appears to be one of the most intense in their support. First, lets get the obligatory personal appearance out of the way. Not only is Sarah Palin attractive, those glasses give her that air of intelligence that many men find unnerving in a secretarial fantasy sort of way. She's pretty, personable and petite. What man isn't attracted to that, unless you're an estrogen driven liberal male feminist, of the Alan Alda type, or a Barney Frank who desires muscles coupled with submission.

Her image of picking fish out of nets while wearing waders and smiling, of course appeals to that middle American male who has forever wanted their wives to get down and dirty with them on their weekend testosterone filled fishing and hunting trips. Her correcting of Joe Biden's "drill, drill, drill," phrase in the debate, to No Joe, "It's Drill Baby Drill," sends electricity up the leg of hard working men, the same as Chris Matthews messiah induced leg thrill. Her ability to make a delicious moose stew filled with rib sticking protein laden man food after shooting and dressing it, secures kudos from the Grizzly Adam's type.

And of course her common sense approach to work and family appeals to the con-man's tradition of working and loving your family hard. Sarah's desire to see government work for the people, and not the other way around gets the fiscal conservative and small government man feeling hugged rather than squeezed. Her understanding that energy independence and the will to attack it with the "all the above approach," including domestic drilling, will free us from the dress wearing, terrorist funding, turban types.

Sarah's folksy and down home way, along with her political incorrect way of saying it is a breathe of fresh air from the current Cabal of cautious caretakers, who by trying not to offend anybody offend almost everybody. Her ability to be a career woman while still being a loving and responsible wife and mother, who chose to bring her down syndrome child to term, shows the con-man strength of character.

Her support of our troops, and the idea of victory, as well as her understanding of what terrorism is, contrast greatly from the squishy and incoherent path the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. espouses. Conservative males, many who have served in the military, know she has a son serving and therefore feel a special connection to her in all things war related. Pictures of her eating with the troops are compelling and show a sense of camaraderie and ease with fighting men and women.

Last, the con-man is repelled by the hubris displayed by the current elites in Washington, and look for that common sense approach to difficult problems, rather than Ivy League taught mumble jumble, that simply seems to mesmerize rather than maximize the talent this country has to bring us out of the funk we're in. Sarah's a reformer who'll tackle problems head on as she did in Alaska, rather then holding summits and enacting commissions. Sarah's way is the conservative man's way. She can amazingly blend a tough no nonsense approach to problem solving with the femininity and appeal that doesn't threaten the conservative man. The only question is, will she threaten the con-man's better half?

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