Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Palin-tology is the study of the media and the left's obsession with Sarah Palin. It's an in depth narration of why they hate her and want to destroy her. It's a study of their fear of her. And even though they will never admit it, they see her as their greatest threat. Why else would they spread so much ink, and bytes to vilify, demonize, marginalize, and try to define her. The answer is simple. She resonates with a very large segment of the American people. They are jealous of her magnetic personality that can gather crowds of tens of thousands at the drop of a hat. They watch her change election results after a passing endorsement. Joe Miller in Alaska, and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware. The republican establishment also fears her. They wonder about her plans. Her itinerary is the most watched event in the political horizon. The tsunami  that surfaced when it was revealed she'd be visiting Iowa was monumental. Not only is her support large and growing, but it is deep. Talk to a Palin supporter, and you talk to a true believer. A believer of small government and lower taxes. A values voter that sees Sarah as a triumph of character. They will never believe the accusations against her. They have turned off the main stream media, or should I say the Lame stream media. They know they're out to destroy her.

They watched when she made her debut at the Republican national convention in 2008 and immediately fell in love with her. It only took hours before reporters were dispatched by the left to little Wasilla Alaska to dig up dirt and create a narrative that countered her enormously successful first impression. The attacks continued non-stop until election day. And then they continued on. They filed frivolous ethics charges after ethics charges to keep her preoccupied as Alaska's governor. She outsmarted them by resigning and taking to the national stage. How many others would have just crawled under a rock and given up? Not Sarah, and that's why she's loved. She's been tried in fire, and purified for a greater task. Character is perfected when challenged. Her enemies meant her destruction, but it has resulted in her exaltation. Her supporters see that. They admire her determination and good humor in the face of unrelenting attacks.

Even so the left continues non-stop. Their hatred is palpable. They despise her down home manner and common sense approach. Nothing can be that easy they say. We've spent years perfecting nuance and complexity and she comes along and suddenly everybody is listening. They've never considered that nuance and complexity is code for, "we don't have a clue." That's because they don't have a clue. They don't understand American values and traditions. They weren't taught that at Ivy League graduate schools. America is the problem to them. We are the oppressors, and it's their job to make things right. Wrong, and Sarah knows it. America is exceptional because of it's common sense values, hard work, and the liberty that rewards such. Maureen Dowd calls Christine O'Donnell the republican nominee for Joe Bidens senate seat in Delaware, Sarah Palin's "Mini Me." Christine should take that as a badge of honor. Ms. O'Donnell said at the Values Voters summit that the Washington bureaucrats have weaseled their way into our private lives. She said, "they'll buy an abortion for your teenage daughter, but won't let her buy a sugary soda from the school vending machine." Very Palinesque. She's learning from Sarah the common sense approach that resonates.

It is still unknown if Sarah will or if Sarah won't make the ultimate run. But, the left and the media is holding their breathe, and sitting ready to attack with even greater ferocity. Whatever she decides to do, she has already proven this primary season, she is a force to be reckoned with. Now there are others following in her footsteps and succeeding where no one gave them a chance. Palin-tology is very intriguing. It's enlightening to watch the left and the media compromise their journalistic integrity to bring down a petite patriot with an army of supporters ready to engage to stand up for America once again.
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