Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sarah Rocks Tulsa

Sarah Palin appeared with Glenn Beck over the weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma at the kick off for the "Taking Our Country Back Tour." She chided expanding government and continued deficit spending to rousing applause. "We understand what they're trying to do to this country," she said. "We understand and we don't like it." Her and Glenn Beck make a dynamic duo, and seem to bring out the best in their audience. By best, I mean they seem to hit a nerve that wakes up every day Americans and call them to action. No political figure that I can ever remember, has had such an immediate and influential impact on every day Americans as Sarah has. She is loved by conservative that are tired of being talked down to, and despised by elitist who enjoy talking down to conservatives. Her simple and traditional roots and mannerisms evoke an allegiance to those who have heretofore been shut out of the political process, thinking their voice would never be heard. She is their voice and their identity. They see for the first time someone who represents them and their values.

Karl Rove said over the weekend that if Sarah is planning a presidential run in 2012, "she should get ready now." "This is her year to get ready for the hot spotlight that will fall on her...I don't know if she wants to, she certainly can, she did well in the 63 days she was on the national stage," he said. Those are words of praise from a seasoned political strategist who brought George W. Bush two electoral wins. There are rumors floating about that Sarah is shopping a reality show, and many other distracting things that those of us who support her for a presidential run would rather not hear. But whatever she decides to do her impact on the political landscape will be huge. It may come down to all her supporters drafting her for the job. I'd rather have a president who is compelled by the electorate  to run than someone who plots and plans a presidential run their entire life, as our last two democrat presidents did. She will have a huge impact in the upcoming midterms as she goes around the country stumping for conservative candidates. She will be the hottest ticket in town this year.

I'm amazed that her and Michele Bachmann seem to be the most aggressive republican spokes persons condemning the Obama administration. Where are all the republican men? Why are these two little women doing more to hold this administration and the democrats to account than all the republican men in congress have done combined? God's speed to both of them, and I know they will be appearing together at several events this year ...
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  1. I enjoy your writing, but please don't be distressed by 'rumours' that constantly float around about Gov Palin!

    A quick looksee into conservatives4palin.com or texas4palin.blogspot.com each day will keep you in the 'know' .... they debunk Gov Palin 'rumours' constantly and swiftly

  2. Good writing :) Just curious, are you from the Tulsa area? I live in Owasso. Wasn't able to attend due to a recent surgery.

  3. The "reality show" is just a slur by the left; it's actually a docu-drama based in Alaska. It would probably be a smash hit.