Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kudos... Jay Leno

Jay Leno started out his second  stint on the Tonight Show by having Sarah Palin as guest on Tuesday night. Sarah was magnificent. She was relaxed, as she continued to poke fun at her palm notes from her Tea Party performance, reminding people it is the poor mans teleprompter....I bet you she knows how to pronounce corpsman even though it's written on her palm....Take a lesson Barack....She talked about the need for a media that keeps opinion out of hard news stories, and that her kids have been singled out for press scrutiny and distortions, while the media has largely left other children in political life alone. It didn't come off as complaining.

She also defended the Tea Party movement, when Jay questioned her about it, and once again reiterated her belief that it shouldn't branch into a third party. She was so relaxed, and looked so comfortable in this format, she obviously won many over. It would do her well to do more of these kinds of interviews, simple because she seems to connect with the every day American that struggles, and laughs and raises their kids. It's time we had a politician that leaves the arrogance and condescension behind and goes right through the filter of the main stream media. Of course the Tonight show isn't going to give an accurate and involved insight into the thoughts and policy ideas of a politician, but it can open the door for a more  receptive audience when those interviews and speeches are forthcoming.

Sarah is so likable and real, and the left knows it. That's why they have continued a non-stop campaign to discredit her. It takes much character and perseverance to come through the assaults she has taken over the last 18 months. The main stream media is much worse off, as the American people, who are fundamentally a fair group have shown their displeasure with them for their obvious bias, to not just Sarah but conservative men and especially women. We see many mainstream outlets in severe financial trouble, with continued layoffs and shrinking audiences. One outlet, Fox News has continued to grow and win in the ratings war. Sarah topped off her Tonight show appearance with a very funny stand up routine that poked fun at Obama and the congress. Thank you Jay Leno for letting the American people see governor Palin in a new light. Of course we know it can only help your ratings also. Letterman must be kicking himself for alienating the best ratings booster on television today.....Video Of her appearance is here...
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