Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Is The Real Feminist?

Recently in an interview with Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem intimated that you can't be  be a feminist who says other women can't have abortions. This was in an answer to a question from the perky one, that Sarah Palin calling herself a feminist has rankled some traditional feminists. First of all who is to decide what a traditional feminist is? Many would say that a feminist is someone who embraces their femininity. I must admit that since I am not a woman, even though on occasion I defer to my feminine side, I am limited in my exposition of what a feminist is. What is something that is exclusively feminine? Women can do most things that men can do, and men can do most things women can do. Women are now soldiers and construction workers, while many men are primary care takers for children. Whether you consider this healthy or not for society, it is what it is.

There is of course one thing that is exclusively women. Let's set aside Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in the Hollywood movie Junior. If you are unfamiliar with Junior, the premise was that Arnold the muscleman becomes pregnant. The probable reason for Junior's box office disaster, besides Arnold's less than award winning performance,  was the complete absurdity of the premise. Everyone knows that pregnancy and child birth is exclusively a woman's honor. It is the one thing that no man can do, and after watching the women in their life go through it, what man would want to to? Every woman that experiences the drama of child birth deserves the title of Hero. No man could do what these women do. Women were exclusively wired and built to endure the pain and change that child birth brings.

Now lets get back to Ms. Steinem's assertion. She said that you can't be a feminist if you say other women can't have abortions. I'm assuming that since abortion is legal in this country that she's referring to women that favor some abortion restrictions. I guess that would mean any woman that favors restrictions on partial birth, or third trimester abortions would fit into her definition of a non feminist. I'm assuming that her definition of a feminist would be anyone who favors unrestricted abortion rights. So let me get this straight. A feminist to her is someone who favors and supports the denial of themselves and others the one act that makes women exclusively feminine. Supporting the reduction of child birth...{the one exclusive feminine act}..through abortion, makes you a feminist? Sounds to me like an oxymoron. It's kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In reality Ms. Steinem is not championing womens rights, she's trying to turn women into deities. She wants women to have the power of live and death. Whether she believes in God or not, she believes women should be the deciders of who lives and who dies. We all have heard from the, {traditional feminists,} that this decision should be between the woman and her doctor. Well we all know that no matter what the doctor recommends it's still the woman that has the final say. Could it be that a lack of belief in God causes many to elevate themselves to that position? It's the natural succession of those that do not understand the existence of God, to become a god onto themselves. This is not to say that women shouldn't have choice, but perhaps that choice should be made before the conception of a child.

Now let's get back to our heroine, Sarah Palin. We all remember that when she was in New Orleans she took the home pregnancy test that revealed the existence of Trig. She thought for a moment that no one would know and maybe she should take care of this. There was an obvious understanding and empathy of the difficult predicament many women find themselves in. But as a true feminist she decided to follow through with the one act that makes her exclusively woman. Rather than exalting herself to a position reserved only for God she stayed feminine, she stayed woman. Her belief in God gave her the strength to stay true to who she was and is...a woman...a feminist. By the time she found out Trig would have Downs, she had already cemented her decision based on her pro life beliefs. And even though this news had to be devastating, she with the support of a feminist supporting husband made the exclusively feminist decision to engage in the exclusively feminist act...child birth. And as she has said many times, Trig is a true blessing from God. She also says that the women that protect their children like Mama Grizzlies, {whether in the womb or out} are the new conservative feminists.

I've talked to many women that have had abortions. Some have regretted the decision and others have not. Many with regret understand they intruded into God only territory and left their exclusive feminist identity.  Now they should be proud to have found their way back to true  feminism. Those that understand what a true feminist is and decide to follow through with their pregnancy should be applauded. Those that make the decision to do what even Hollywood and Arnold Schwarzenegger can't pull off but only true feminists can, should not be intimidated by the likes of Gloria Steinem.... a fake feminist. Remember this also, many of those aborted fetuses that Gloria Steinem considers non persons are little girls and future feminists.
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