Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sarah's Character Counts

Several months back I ran a poll on this blog that asked the question, "which of the following most attract you to Sarah Palin?"  ....and I gave four choices....character....policy positions....experience......accomplishments.. The resounding winner was character with more then 75%.....What's enlightening about the results of that poll is that I could answer yes to all four. Many would say her experience is minimal when you consider her age and time in public life, but that can also be a plus. The new movement sweeping the country is a movement for outsiders, and those that aren't or haven't been career politicians. Her experience as a mother, wife, and small business owner give her the credentials to lead just as much as her stint as mayor and governor.

Her accomplishments which include running for city counsel all the way to governor and now a champion of conservatives has been meteoric. It's clear she knows how to take advantage of the opportunities and has  amazing political insight. Her openness to whatever opportunity comes her way shows she's not single minded and laser focused on one end result, but willing to adapt to the opportunity that would put her in a position to best serve her country. It's clear her common sense conservative approach rings true and refreshing to me as well as millions of others. The arrogant elitism that seems to be permeating Washington D.C. is frightening. Pushing policies without the consent of the governed seems to be this administration's forte. It should be alarming when leaders deceive and manipulate to pass legislation that only they and a small minority are in favor of. Health care over haul, cap and trade, immigration/amnesty, and the list goes on.

But I would have to agree that Sarah's character is far and away the most attractive attribute she has. Whether that character was built from being raised in small communities by a loving family, or her obvious faith in a loving God, or her ability to roll with the punches and not lose faith in herself and the country nobody really knows, but it's probably a combination of all the above. What is clear is that she lives who she is. Even though the left and the media have given all they can to bring her down she remains strong in the face of unmatched opposition and character assassination. How many of us could withstand the same level of assaults that have come her way without throwing up our hands and crawling under a rock? Her adherence to her beliefs in the sanctity of life have been tested, and she passed with flying colors. Even though the media and the left attacked her mercilessly for resigning as governor, I see in her decision the selfless act of removing from the state of Alaska the burden of what the left was trying to do to her. She put her state first even though that is lost on most commentators.

In review we find in Sarah Palin is that common sense conservative approach to problem solving that is attractive to a growing number of Americans. A real life experience that most except the elites can relate to. A meteorite rise in accomplishments that confound the normal politician. Most of all a proven character that is desperately needed in our public figures of today. Besides these four attributes she now has the support, love, and admiration of a willing army of like minded conservatives ready to go to battle against arrogant elitism that threatens our country and our very way of life. If she chooses to lead, they will follow.
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  1. You neglect to mention that Sarah Palin quit her post as Governor of Alaska. In my book that doesn't bode well in the character category. She doesn't follow through. However, I'd love to see her run for president in 2012. I think then Americans can see what is really at stake.