Monday, November 1, 2010

GOP Bigwigs Continue Their Assault On Palin

A new Politico article by Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei is another attack on Sarah Palin. They use unnamed sources, supposedly GOP bigwigs and establishment types that they say want to stop her. Sarah describes this as yellow journalism, and if establishment republicans want to stop her they should put their name to it.  If there is an attempt by establishment republicans and possible presidential candidates to try and undermine Sarah's possible run for the 2012 nomination, and I don't doubt there is, they aren't going to reveal themselves. The republican establishment knows that if they overtly turn on Sarah, they will alienate millions of grass root and Tea Party activists. The establishment republicans that supported Sue Lowden over Sharron and Angle in Nevada, Lisa Murkowski over Joe Miller in Alaska, Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in Florida, and Trey Grayson over Rand Paul in Kentucky, and I could go on, should know by now that the grass roots conservatives will not stand for squishy RHINO republicans any more.

If the GOP wants to win in 2012 they will need Tea Party support, or they will go down in flames. They fear Sarah because she has Tea Party activists on her side, and they don't think she can beat Barack Obama if she wins the nomination. They also didn't think Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Marco Rubio could win. They are faced with a conundrum. Do we allow this movement to continue and change and reinvigorate the party, or do we do everything we can to undermine Sarah and other leaders of Tea Parties across the nation to keep their ever shrinking hold on power. Without Sarah and the Tea Party movement, republicans would not be close to the massive gains they're about to experience on November 2nd. Sarah has had the single largest effect on this election, and without her it's anyone's guess what the gains would be. GOP bigwigs point to her support of Christine O'Donnell as hurting the party's chance of taking back the senate. Sarah has said "of course I'm going to support the true conservative over a republican that voted for cap and trade, and was willing to go along with much of Obama's agenda." This is the attitude of the new movement within the republican party. No more compromising republican in name only elected officials. We want constitutional conservative law makers.

We also don't want republicans to compromise with Obama once they get elected. If it takes two election cycles to roll back the damage that Obama and the democrats have done to our country, then so be it. Sarah continues to fight for conservative values, with an ever increasing army of patriots determined to take back our country. It's obvious she's willing to battle the republican establishment as well as liberals to do just that. If I were one of those unnamed GOP bigwigs that is determined to stop her, I'd think twice before picking a fight with Sarah Barracuda. It's growing increasingly clear that Sarah is willing to run in 2012 if needed. The most recent interviews reveal her willingness to run if another strong conservative candidate doesn't emerge.

Michael Steele in a recent interview said these unnamed sources need to shut up. He is one republican that has embraced Sarah, and campaigned with her on his recent Fire Pelosi Bus Tour. Of course many of those republican bigwigs were calling for his head not too long ago. Instead of embracing those that are reinvigorating the GOP, many of these establishment types seem hell bent on blowing up the republican party, and making way for a more powerful and energized third party. Has the time come? I guess what happens after November 2nd will determine if these new Tea Party lawmakers will have a voice within The Grand Old Party. I emphasis old because without them the republican party will go the way of the buggy whip, unwilling to evolve with what is happening in grass roots America.
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  1. I’ve been a Republican for less than a year, and I wonder sometimes if I made a mistake. The GOP backstabbing of Palin bothers me more that the frontal assaults by the Left. The Left is suppose to be our enemy - not our fellow Republicans.

    I suppose Sarah will have a lot of work to do cleaning up the GOP part of D.C. too, once we elect her president.