Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin Appeal Is Widening

The left must be apoplectic this morning after Bristol Palin made her way into the finals of Dancing With The Stars. She received the lowest judges scores Monday night but the public vote pushed her into the finals. Liberals all around are incensed that the least talented among the final four made it into the finals. They are equally upset that Sarah is again beating expectations. Her enormous debut of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on the TLC network drew over 5 million viewers on Sunday night. As George W. Bush would say, the left is "misunderestimating" the Palin appeal across the nation. The left has suddenly changed their tune when speaking of Bristol. They now believe that merit should determine winners and losers. This coming from the side that favors bailouts of failing companies, affirmative action hiring, redistribution of wealth, and amnesty for lawbreaking illegals.

Bristol, because of her mothers vice presidential run with John McCain has been scrutinized from the left and the media more than any other unwed mother. You'd think the left that celebrates promiscuity through condom distribution and abortion on demand would be more sympathetic to the plight of an unwed mother. Maybe their displeasure is in the fact that Bristol, like her mother, decided to take her baby to term. How many left wing zealots have children that get pregnant, but we never know because that child is aborted in secret behind closed doors. Kudos to Bristol for making the decision for life, and putting herself out there for ridicule and scorn for the sake of her baby. Not being an avid fan of DWTS, but occasionally watching, I've seen a shy and modest young woman, not the promiscuous tart the left would like to portray. She seems determined, and has obviously improved her dancing from the initial show. She has also become an advocate for abstinence which of course drives the left wild.

Her advancement on the show could be attributed to many things. The left probably understands that her mother's supporters are keeping her alive. Many probably watch for the chance that Sarah and Todd may be in the studio audience, and therefore the longer she remains on the show the more they will be exposed to Sarah herself. That has to drive the left bananas. Or maybe many just appreciate the fact that she's not a professional in the entertainment field and they celebrate her courage to do what she's doing. The left doesn't really believe in the public determining winners and losers. They feel the elites, or should we say intelligentsia, should determine most everything. They hate capitalism because the public determines who should survive. They love socialism, because bureaucrats and elites control business and therefore the wealth of the country. The great unwashed in their minds has no business choosing the direction of the country. They don't have the requisite gray matter to know what is best for even them.

I believe they fear something more than they can actually bare.  If the least professional and polished Bristol Palin can make it into the finals of Dancing With The Stars, maybe in their minds, the uneducated, inarticulate and down home woman of the people, Sarah Palin can make it into the finals of the 2012 presidential campaign. They're repulsed by the thought of an every day American that connects with the majority of fly over country, could actually become president. They've done everything they can to destroy her, but she continues on successfully advancing, or should I say dancing to the beat of her own drum. A successful book. A Fox News contributor. A political endorser extraordinaire. A highly coveted campaigner, and now a cable television phenomenon. Wherever she goes, crowds convene. They said she was finished after she resigned as governor. But, as we have seen, her influence in the midterms was second to none, and her star continues to rise. I hope the left continues to, in the words of W., misunderestimate Sarah Palin.
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