Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sarah's Success!

Sarah has had quite a last several months. Her book tour was a resounding success. She seemed to relish the opportunity to set the record straight on many of the misconceptions that haunted her throughout the 2008 campaign. Her book sales are through the roof and her poll numbers are up. Christmas will be good for the Alaskan dynamo, and all that support her. It's becoming increasingly clear that she will be a power broker going into the 2010 elections, and her endorsements of conservative candidates will be a boost for them as well as the country.

She has engaged Al Gore, and Arnold Schwarzzenegger on climate issues, and is one of only a few Republicans holding the Obama administration to account on all things. She seems to be carrying the congressional delegations water for them. Has there ever been a political figure so vilified and yet so determined to write her own legacy and contribution to America? Character coupled with courage are beginning to look like Sarah's endowments, as she confounds the media with instinctive answers and a self deprecating humor that was evident at the gridiron speech as well as her appearance on the Tonight Show.

Her book tour was marked with long lines and supporters sometimes waiting over 24 hours in cold blustery weather to have a few seconds of face time with the face that launched a thousand fishing boats. The intensity of her support has to scare the left wing, and secures her an army of support and hard workers if and when she decides to seek another elective office. She is everything the conservative man could want in a presidential candidate, and our hope is that she continues her march to a national campaign to take back America for the American people.

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