Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Next For Sarah?

Since her highly successful book tour ended, it's a legitimate question for supporters and foes alike to ask, "what's next for Sarah?" It's evident the media is still intent on distortions and attacks, as her vacation was replete with reports she was dissing her presidential running mate, because of the photo of a magic marked out McCain visor, she was wearing. Once again the left wing blogs and main stream media speculated and assigned motive to the incident. No one from the left, seems to be able to accept the simple explanation, of trying to vacation incognito. She cut her vacation short because of the media swirl.

It would be classless for me, or anyone else for that matter to try and give advice to a woman that has withstood the most vitriolic attacks,and come out of them with her head held high, and riding a wave of positive poll numbers, as well as astronomical book sales. But, that doesn't mean I'm exempt from trying to predict what she does from here. It's clear she will continue to speak out on Face Book, and Twitter, on all the relevant issues of the day, as her latest tweet does on the arrogance of man, following the Copenhagen conference. She seems to get unmatched responses from every little posting, that seems to hit hard at the left, and engenders her praise from the conservative right. She has an uncanny way of leaving nuance behind, and hitting every issue right at the heart, leaving not a wonder about her position. This will continue to galvanize supporters, and leave opponents scratching their heads. This separates her from most conventional politicians. She's not trying to play both ends against the middle, and many would say that gives a target rich environment to those seeking  sniper practice. But the positives of this approach outweigh the negatives.

It appears, as the 2010 elections draw closer, that conservatives running in congressional races will benefit from her endorsements, and possible campaign appearances. She brings an excitement to every venue, and will bring much needed name recognition to anyone she chooses to help. Moderate or left leaning Republican candidates need not apply. She has shown she is not against endorsing a conservative over a party picked incumbent  in a primary challenge. Her loyalty falls squarely on conservatism over party.

The latter part of her recent best seller, 'Going Rogue," was an excellent revelation of her overall approach to policy, but I predict she will begin a new book that devotes much more to all the relevant issues facing the country, as well as a relentless critique of the current administration. This too will be a best seller, with a release date falling sometime after the 2010 midterm elections. If her goal is to run in 2012, this will give a running start outline of her domestic and foreign policy agendas, and leave the current administration in a defensive posture.

The next year is going to be an exciting and event filled time for conservatives and Palin supporters. The media is loading all weapons and training them squarely at her pretty  little face. But, she's armed with a bullet proof combat vest of character, track shoes of tenaciousness, and rock solid conservative policy helmet, that will lead her to the top of the fighting class, and ensure a conservative energy unmatched in recent decades from the fly over country troops, ready to go into battle squarely behind the little general. Our prayers will provide wind at your back, and dust to the eyes of your foes. Lead us to victory, and a renewed America, SARAH!
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