Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sarah Palin is Changing Minds!

It seems Sarah is suddenly beginning to change a whole lot of minds about her political deftness and her ability to be a viable presidential candidate. Although many closed minded and vitriolic left wingers like Joy Behar who not only insulted Sarah, but all her supporters when she wondered out loud who was reading all these books that Sarah is selling, because her base doesn't even read. We will just ignore statements like that as the ramblings of an ignorant kool-aid drinker who thought that Black Friday, the Christmas shopping day after Thanksgiving that gets most retailers out of the red for the year, was a racist term. It's pretty safe to say, she's a few bricks short of a full load. We could go on about some of her other off the wall comments, but why digress.

There are many others though, that were skeptical of Sarah's intelligence and political savvy, simply because they didn't take the time to investigate for themselves, and bought into the Main Stream media's characterization of her. But, since the start of her book tour many are beginning to take a second look, and like what they're seeing. Take for example Matt Patterson's change of heart in his recent column about Sarah and her successful press appearances during the roll out of her book. he also mentions the advantage she may have over other Republican ex-governor hopefuls.

Then of course there's US representative Steve King from Iowa, that states even though he thought her resignation as governor was the end of her political career, "it looks like she's bounced back from it, and gone  from there." He even predicts she'll be a presidential candidate, and will be very competitive in the first in the country Iowa Caucuses. He also stated she's the one with the charisma and would have no trouble drawing crowds of tens of thousands.

So, as the hearts of the open and fair minded public begin to take a second look at the Alaskan phenomenon, without the media bias of a national campaign, they're seeing what many of her ardent supporters knew from the beginning. Sarah is looking more and more like what this country needs, especially in the light of the current administrations excesses. All that support her should commit to the hard work of correcting the record on a one on one basis with all that have misunderstood, and prejudged Sarah. Of course, don't waste your time on the small minded Joy Behars of the world. The wise will take correction, the ignorant will die in their  delusion.
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