Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah's A Tea Party Gal

Sarah Palin today told Sean Hannity that the Tea Party should take over the Republican party. It's obvious, like Ronald Reagan she believes in the two party system, and thinks that rather than starting a third party that the Tea Party should work from within that system. It's true many Tea Party members are running for precinct committee heads and and other positions within the party all over the country, and doing what they can to change the Republican party from the ground up.

Sarah also stated that she considers herself a member of the Tea Party, because she believes in their fundamental tenets of small government, free market principles and a strong national defense. She believes in freedom. She is resisting the temptation of leading a third party movement which bodes well for her future in national politics. She also said she's willing to endorse and campaign for candidates who embrace a smaller, smarter government, a strong national defense, and fundamental freedoms. Her newest facebook post is another pithy criticism of the new strategy of Obama to try and save Obama Care, by wresting it away from congressional democrats and putting his own fingerprints on it. She mentions how all the job killing measure in the original senate bill are still present, which with the recent jobs reports should be emphasized... Keep up the good work Sarah, and hold them accountable....
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