Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sarah Continues Her Assault On Obama

As we move into a vicious and contentious midterm election this November, Sarah Palin continues to be the big draw and still is keeping the president as well as democrats on the defensive. Her appearance with Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota this last Wednesday showed her star power as thousands attended and the crowd diminished considerable after she left the stage. Her critique of Obama's new nuclear non-proliferation doctrine drew a question for Obama from George Stephanapoulis on a Good Morning America segment. You could see that the messiah was visibly annoyed at the question, as he tried to dismiss Sarah's take on the issue as inconsequential, and contended she lacked any kind of experience in nuclear issues.

Sarah shot back at the SRLC, Southern Republican Leadership Conference, later in the week and  mocked Obama's nuclear experience as a community organizer. She has an inherent ability to strike at the core of Obama's inexperience  with humor and derision that usually sends the audience into uproarious laughter. The president would be wise not to engage her, as Sarah's followup remarks are damaging and always get much press. Could it be a preview of presidential debates to come? Her appearance at the conference was very well received and the conference as a whole was full of excellent speeches.

Tina Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this week and of course what would her appearance be without a Sarah Palin impression segment. The mocking segment of the Sarah Palin Network was actually quite funny, and really showed a contrast between Sarah's common sense approach  as opposed to Obama's intellectual theory form of governing. I don't know if it was intentional but it actually struck a note of how out of touch this president is with the American people. I'm sure she was trying to paint Sarah as a simplistic ditz, but by contrasting Obama's agenda and pointing out how the American people are now beginning to view his policies, he didn't come off all that well. Of course she had to take a shot at Tea Party activists and try to make them look stupid, fat, and tobacco chewing rednecks. The problem is the demographics of Tea Party participants is just the opposite. Rather then Sarah supporters getting upset at Fey's mocking impressions, they should rejoice, understanding that impression is the highest form of flattery, and if Sarah wasn't relevant to the debate there would be none of this. As a conservative man, I can't help but notice that even though Fey does a decent impression, she pales in comparison to Sarah's beauty.

As we move closer to those vaunted midterms, Sarah's appearance in news story will undoubtedly increase as she crisscrosses the country campaigning for conservatives everywhere. This administration will be swamped with questions about Sarah's criticism and this should make for some interesting coverage. I'm wondering if news rooms around the country will continue to take flak from the administration for asking the messiah questions about Sarah's take on the issues. As a Chicago style community organizer, we all know how prickly he can get when he's not allowed to control the debate. Sarah gets under the skin of this administration and the democrats more than any one individual out there today.
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