Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarah Hosts Real American Stories

Sarah's hosting of Real American Stories Thursday night on the Fox News channel was excellent. The show was inspiring much like Sarah herself. She seemed completely comfortable in this format. What Americans need today is more of this kind of programming that highlight the inspirational and heart tucking stories of Americans who've overcome adversity, or have been unusually heroic. The human spirit is limitless in it's ability to overcome any situation, and I can't think of a more appropriate host than Sarah Palin. She has overcome the odds and venomous attacks to come out the other side with a cheerful positivity that is attracting conservative and others all over the country. She has a gift of making  comfortable those she had on the show. When the dog Elia wouldn't respond to commands she adroitly mentioned maybe he thought you'd said fetch. Earlier the Mother has revealed that was one command he wouldn't obey. It brought some levity to an uncomfortable moment for the family. That is a gift that few people possess. Ronald Reagan had that ability.

Sarah kicked off the first stop at the Tea Party Express last week in Searchlight Nevada to a rousing crowd. You almost feel sorry for poor old Harry Reid, with that kind of crowd gathering in his home town rallying against his leadership and unfortunate deal making that rammed through an un-popular and unwise health care bill. Next week she joins Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann in Minnesota for another huge gathering. These two dynamic conservative women are doing more to resist the agenda of Barack Obama than most of the republican men combined. Kudos to the strong and conservative female contingent that is also providing leadership in the Tea Part Movement all over the country. We men will have to step up our game to keep up with an overwhelming increase in conservative women finding their voice in opposition to what is happening to our country. We shouldn't be intimidated, just inspired, and there is no greater inspiration then Sarah Palin.
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  1. why McCain Sarah? Not good...not good at all. Why I cant trust Palin now. McCain is a man who honorably served his country, but is now merely a slower version of Obama. Obama is actually a better POTUS since he is waking up sleeping patriots...