Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sarah Is Findign Her Groove

Sarah Palin's interview on Hannity earlier this week was a home run, and it appears she is finding her sweet spot in these give and takes. When she first started as a Fox News contributor there was a slight nervousness and she did seem to repeat herself a lot. Now there's more depth of understanding and an incredibly likable connection that seems natural with her.  I watched the interview, trying to be as objective as possible, and found myself informed in a reasonable common sense way that brought the issue into clear view for me and I'm sure millions of other Americans. I turned to me wife who had just walked into the room and asked her to watch it as I pushed the DVR replay button. She sat there silently and had the exact same reaction at the conclusion of the interview. Up to this point she has not been all that enthusiastic about the governor. She appreciated Sarah's ability to break down the immigration law in Arizona to easily understandable terms that cut through all the race baiting rhetoric.

Sarah's ability to unite the country rather than divide it will speak to most Americans except of course those that wish to divide for political advantage. Much like our illustrious president who seems to want to turn the immigration debate into a racial rather than law enforcement issue. He understands he loses when it comes to the legality of immigration so his attempt to divide on racial lines is not constructive, and is devolving into the least common denominator. It's painful to watch a president who took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States politicize this issue on racial grounds for some democrat bump in the midterms. It will not work, and Sarah understands the American people are not racists, and the idea of labeling them as such for political advantage is anathema. Her ability to shed the vicious attacks on her by the far left is refreshing and bodes well for a presidential run in 2012. There will be no name she hasn't been called, and every derogatory label will have been used and failed to stick. She continues to be a champion of common sense conservatives as well as a lightning rod to the left. The big question is, does she have the ability to reach that squishy middle and explode the narrative the left has tried to construct about her?

If she continues with successful and revealing interviews like this recent one, and can gain the ear of the undecided she should progress far beyond any ones expectations. We all remember that her initial coming out at the republican convention in 2008 was a smashing success, and the more she can articulate her views and policy positions without a mainstream media filter the better her chances of winning over the public that has been bombarded with misinformation about her. The narrative the left has projected is tired and easily destroyed with just a few minutes of Sarah being herself with charm and grace. Truly no politician in my lifetime appears to have the ability to connect with common sense Americans like Sarah Palin. Americans are tired of being talked down to by the ruling elite, and crave a real down to earth leader that shares their values and a strong sense of patriotic duty. The stars may be aligned for a small government, common sense conservative politician, with free market experience and a strong sense of right and wrong. The president and the democrats over reach may be paving the road for just that. Their assaults on freedom and free markets plus Sarah's championing the same are nurturing an environment for a massive shift back to a government by, for, and of the people.Watch Sarah's interview here...
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