Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dead Fish Go With The Flow

Sarah appeared on Fox News Sunday this week and when asked a question by Chris Wallace if the author that rented a house next to the Palin residence was causing a problem for them, she replied that they've had to change their routine to keep from his view. He then asked if they were just going with the flow, and Sarah replied like only Sarah can that only dead fish go with the flow. Typically Sarah says it just the way it needs to be said. Her whole interview with Chris was an example of not going with the flow as she repudiated all of the Obama agenda and his lack of understanding as how to turn around the economic malaise that is gripping the country.

It's obvious that Obama is stuck on stupid and doesn't understand that his policies are a hindrance to economic  growth. His anticipated tax increases in January will stall growth and job creation as the democrats continue the class warfare they are famous for. Sarah understands that the economy can't grow unless the entrepreneurial spirit that built this  country is let lose. Tax increases and regulatory excesses are strangling innovation and growth. Sarah mentioned that the law suit against Arizona is another example of the federal governments refusal to enforce the immigration laws, and try to make this debate racial rather than a law enforcement issue. She mentioned governor Jan Brewer had the cojones that Obama lacked to do what was right to enforce border security. Kudos to Sarah for swimming against the flow. A dead fish she is not.
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