Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sarah Goes Five For Five

Tuesday's primary elections show that Sarah hasn't lost her touch at endorsing and pulling candidates over the finish line as she went five for five in endorsements. The most stark result was the Alaska GOP senate primary where Lisa Murkowski seems to have lost to Joe Miller even though polls showed she had a healthy lead heading into Tuesday's primary. Miller acknowledges that Palin's support was pivotal. The Mainstream media that recently had labeled Sarah's influence as diminishing should be eating crow today, but of course they spin it like a child's top. Conservatives, on the other hand are understanding that Sarah's support is key, and establishment republicans are wondering where to turn next. They see her as a threat to their petty political fiefdoms. Now the question is what kind of an influence she will have in the upcoming November midterms.

If I was a republican fortunate enough to make it past the primary challenge, I would have her number foremost on my I-Phone, and calling for an endorsement and campaign appearances.  Blue state republicans seem to want to keep her at bay, but that may be a mistake in the present political climate. She can attract a huge crowd no matter what color the state is, and the media she draws can only improve name recognition, as well as momentum. It's time the republican establishment acknowledges that she is the star the party needs to bring these midterms to a triumphant ending. The worst thing they can do is dis her and alienate a huge block of patriotic and energized Americans.
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