Friday, August 20, 2010

Redefining Mama Grizzlies

The new video put out by EMILY's list lampooning Sarah's endorsement of Mama Grizzlies is a pathetic attempt to turn the tide against conservative women standing up for personal responsibility and defense of freedom. It seems the faux mama Grizzlies in this video believe that protecting their cubs is protecting the big government, entitlement solutions to everything in life. Real Grizzlies seem a bit more independent in providing for their cubs. Haven't seen a mama Grizzly at the unemployment line, or waiting for aid to families with dependent children...AFDC. One Mama Grizzly in the video said, she wants to preserve her cubs right to choose. I haven't seen much in the media about aborting baby Grizzlies. In fact I'm sure to even shoot an adult Grizzly you have to apply for and purchase a hunting license, and hunting  is restricted to certain areas and certain times of the year. Thank God the liberals aren't in charge of wildlife management, or as many as half of all Grizzly cubs would be aborted. 

The real issue here is that liberals will always tell you who they fear, by how viciously they attack that person. Sarah is a huge threat to the progressive cause and therefore is their biggest target. The problem for them is that their entitlement society is falling on hard times as this administration and congress continues their free spending, and redistribution agenda, and the real mama Grizzlies are pushing back. True mama Grizzlies protect their young from government intrusion, and they teach their cubs to provide for themselves. One of the most pathetic sights is to walk into a city zoo and see the once proud and independent Grizzly waiting melancholy, to be fed by their keeper. Their freedom gone, and their instinctive nature subdued. An even more pitiful sight is to watch God's greatest creation, "MANKIND," looking to government to meet their needs, as their zest for life, and incentive to succeed dwindles away.
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