Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Run, Sarah, Run

I've decided what I want for Christmas this year. I want a hint from Sarah that she's seriously considering a run for president. Instead of the twelve days of Christmas let's consider the twelve reason to encourage her to run. First off, she could tick off the Lame Stream Media. The Washington Post is reporting that there are signs she won't run. It may be that is wishful thinking on their part or a challenge to Sarah. The article in question is somewhat vague, which to me indicates wishful thinking. The two signs they quote are that one of her lieutenants Tom Van Flein, is ditching her for incoming representative Paul Gosar. Notice they use the word ditching which is obviously meant to intimate a falling out or disapproval of Sarah from Mr. Van Flein, which is completely unsubstantiated. People come and people go, it doesn't really mean anything. They also intimate that there are murmurs of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," season two. Of course there's going to be rumors of that considering the success season one has had. The more important aspect of those rumors is that no contractual agreement for another season has been reached, and even though Sarah showed interest in a second season after the amazing success of the first episode, nothing has developed.

Second, the political class including the republican party needs a serious smack down. We've discovered that the entrenched political class is terrified of a Sarah Palin run, and therefore she could knock out a host of wannabees simply by announcing that she's seriously exploring the possibility. Many republicans didn't seem to get the message of the midterms as evidenced by their compromised over spending and capitulation in the lame duck session. Third, it would be wonderful to watch Katie Couric try to finagle another interview with Sarah if she runs, knowing that Sarah has no interest in submitting to more gotcha journalism from Ms. Couric and CBS news.

Fourth, It would be wonderful to see the millions of everyday conservatives, who're disgusted with politics as usual mobilize and volunteer their time and money to bring an everyday real American across the finish line. What a victory for fly over country that continues to receive scorn from the elites. Fifth, it would be classic to watch the other republican candidates try and walk the fine line of contrasting  themselves with Sarah without insulting her supporters. The debates would be akin to a contortionists' convention.

Sixth, Maureen Dowd would continue to have reason to live. She could continue her nonstop distortion of Sarah and her policies, and prove once again that the elites just don't get it. Seventh, Tina Fey's career will once again be revitalized. If I were either one of these women I'd be sending Sarah Palin a huge portion of my paycheck. I wonder if Ms. Dowd enjoyed watching Caribou Barbie, shoot her very own caribou on "Sarah Palin's Alaska," part four.

Eighth, the liberals that appear on MSNBC could once again show their true colors, as they burn red faced and apoplectic at every Sarah Tweet and Face book message. Chris Mathew's tingle up his leg, received from watching Barack Obama would be transformed into burning shingles. Ninth, if Sarah could make it to the nomination the Palin Obama debates would be must see television. The debates could be renamed, "Will The Real Idiot, Please Stand Up." The media would be confounded as the messiah would be shown for what he really is, a false prophet, a counterfeit intellectual that fooled the public once, but is now meeting his match, a common sense conservative that speaks in plain Americana, not Ivy League nuance and deceitful complexity.

Tenth, Lisa Murkowski, the false republican would indeed endorse Barack Obama and probably defect, Ala Arlen Specter, to the democrat party. Good rid-dens. Eleventh, The blue blood Barbara Bush wouldn't get her wish of Sarah Palin staying in Alaska. Twelve and finally, the American political system would be rejuvenated like never before, as the real debate between conservatism and progressive policy would be front and center. A stark contrast that would make the choices clear to every voter. Please Sarah, be my Santa and run Sarah run.
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