Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Again A Target Of The Left

Once again the left along with the sycophant media is targeting Sarah Palin, in an attempt to link her to the Tuscon shooting. They are proving that their fear of her has gone delusional. They contend that her using the hyperbole of targeted districts on her Sarah Pac campaign map, and her phrase "we don't retreat, we reload," somehow contributed to a maniac acting out his lunacy. Never mind that the left leaning Daily Kos also had Gabby Giffords targeted for a primary challenge on their website, and the democrat party has used bulls eyes on their campaign maps for years. Never mind that the messiah himself has said, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." Never mind that the Daily Kos several days ago, had a posting in reference to Gabby Giffords, That stated, "My congress woman voted against Nancy Pelosi  and is now dead to me." She was one of nineteen democrats that voted against Pelosi for minority leader. Never mind that Joe Manchin shot a hole through the cap and trade bill with a high powered rifle in a campaign ad. Remember Gabby Giffords voted for that very bill.

I don't believe the media really believes what they're reporting. They are political, and they know about Joe Manchin's campaign ad, and the daily Kos website targeting Gabby Giffords. They remember that infamous Obama statement. They are using this incident to continue their non-stop attack on Sarah and persuade public opinion that she is a danger to us all. Sarah is only a danger to the left leaning progressive agenda that permeates Washington and the media. She's a danger to over spending and dependency on foreign oil. She's a danger to business as usual in both the democrat and republican party. She doesn't incite violence, she incites every day Americans to get involved and motivated to protect our freedoms, our country and our children from a lifetime of dependency and servitude to an all powerful central government. The media knows she's not a danger to human life, but may be a thorn in the side to those that incite violence inside a woman's womb. She has proven her pro-life bonifides, and defended the most fundamental institution we have.... the family. She is fly over country, middle America, and apple pie all rolled up in one. She is common sense incarnated, and that's why they hate her. That is also why we love her.
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