Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Hits Right Tone

Sarah Palin released a video of her response to the Tucson shootings Wednesday morning that seemed to hit an eloquent and inspirational tone. It's noteworthy to point out she waited until today to do just that. Rather then a knee jerk reaction to the assault on her from the left and the media, she gave time for the families to grieve and the dust to settle. She was panned on MSNBC for hiding out and not responding. Now ABC news is accusing her of putting herself back in the middle of it. I guess you could say, "damned if you do, and damned if you don't." The idea that she shouldn't address how the media has spun this would be derelict. She did address the absolute truthfulness that a criminal act like this should stand on it's own. It seems the left always wants to indict society as a whole, and conservatives in particular for crimes by individuals. The implication is that if they controlled everything none of this would happen. It seems the only time they preach carefulness in assigning blame is after a terrorist shoots up a military base as was the case in Fort Hood.

 Nevertheless Sarah's video was a home run. Notice I used a baseball analogy rather then a military one. She looked presidential, which of course the left will  mock. She showed empathy for the victims and insight into the media's careless behavior and urged resisting the temptation to legislate speech. The left continues to shadow box with endless left hooks though. I watched a debate on Fox News this morning where the democrat even tried to criticize her "Mama Grizzly" analogy as incendiary. The reflective lesson  is that the American people are far too smart to buy into these unsubstantiated assaults, and as more is revealed about the killer, their assertions will fall of their own weight. Meanwhile how will the democrat party now deal with the term, "campaign," Which is an appropriation of military battle? Will they change the use of "battle ground states?" Will they change the phrase "targeted district" to "districts we'd like to win, but don't want to give anybody the wrong idea?" Maybe so. We all know they aren't too enthusiastic about war, even though Bill Clinton had a "war room" that was all about politics and defeating the republicans. Maybe they'll take the San Fransisco approach and try to remove all references to war from our lexicon. Maybe the 2012 elections won't even have a campaign, but rather a love fest where republicans and democrats stand by the camp fire holding hands and singing. I'm sure they'd love that as long as they get to pick the songs we sing. Battle on Conservatives!
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