Monday, January 17, 2011

Sarah, We Do Have Your Back

Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity show Monday evening and vigorously defended the conservative message, as well as herself and others who were branded as accessories to the Tucson shootings. How many would simply throw in the towel by now when they've been so viciously attacked and demonized as Sarah has? She will not. She said she would continue to speak out. They thought they'd destroyed her after the 2008 elections with frivolous law suits that consumed her time and energy and ultimately led to her resigning as governor. Then they labeled her a quitter, but she resurfaced on Face Book and Twitter. Every Face Book posting and tweet was responded to by the left loons, and the administration.  For someone who supposedly had no political relevance the curious reaction to every word was astounding. During the health care debate, she responded with a Face Book posting that accused Obama care of instituting death panels. The left went apoplectic, but ultimately the "end of life counseling" was dropped from the bill. It recently re-emerged through regulatory shenanigans. The public again protested and the administration was forced to back down again. The left would have been better served to leave her be, and maybe she'd still be governor of Alaska, and out of the national spotlight.

She's written two best selling books, and campaigned relentlessly during the midterms pushing many conservative candidates across the finish line. She probably had as much an impact on the GOP's astounding victory on Nov. 2nd as any other one person, except perhaps Barack Obama and his left leaning agenda. She's become a Tea Party favorite and leader of a Middle America, Fly Over Country coalition. She has been panned by comedians, hated by the left, ridiculed by the media, threatened by wackos, insulted, harassed, and still she keeps on keeping on. She is criticized for not responding, and then responding to her tormentors. With these latest unwarranted attacks, I've noticed that even some establishment republicans have begun to come to her defense. Karl Rove rises to the top of that list. Those that aren't thrilled with the prospect of a Palin presidential run see these attacks as reprehensible. The more the left attacks, the bigger the Palin mystique grows. What the left means for destruction is feeding a narrative that dooms their agenda. The American people are more than anything fair, and empathetic when they witness  diabolical character assassination. Their incessant derangement against her is multiplying a resistant shield of conservative protectors watching her back. Her infectious tenacity is recruiting common sense commoners entering the debate.

She mentioned in the Hannity interview a trifecta of problems that this country faces. One of those being a crisis in energy, with rising prices and a greater dependence on foreign oil. This is right in her wheelhouse. As former governor of the largest energy state, and a proponent of more domestic oil and natural gas exploration, who better to address this problem? Domestic oil production is down 13% this year. Obama's moratorium in the gulf is a large factor. The reaction to over regulate since the spill has made permits for off shore drilling move at a glacier pace, even though the moratorium has now been lifted. The left continues to fight to make ANWR off limits, while Sarah fights to drill. Oil is now a hundred dollars a barrel and gas prices are rising precipitously. As we move closer to 2012 and  Americans facing $5.00 a gallon gas prices, Sarah will become even more relevant. This is all a wild card in the coming two years. The left thinks they've done what is necessary to destroy her, and with every attempt she rises like a Phoenix, with even a greater support system watching her back. Sometimes an American comes along with solutions to complicated problems that are so common  they seem ordinary. Maybe that's what makes Sarah Palin extra-ordinary. Her ability to connect with the common sense of the American people keeps her star bright and the left confounded.
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