Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sarah Palin"s keynote speech at the first annual Tea party convention in Nashville Saturday night was a home run  with two outs, and a tie game in the bottom of the ninth. She was absolutely right on with her criticism of the Obama administration, as well as her enunciation of what the Tea party and the common sense conservatism movement is all about. Her best line of the night was when talking about national defense she said,"We need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at a lectern." Another great line was, "foreign policy can't be managed through the power of personality." A slap at Obama who has put forth the idea that because he is who he is, our enemies would be more receptive to America, and less antagonistic.

She was Reaganesque in her enunciation of the conservative principles of free market capitalism, and small government, with reduced taxes, and less regulation. Watching the liberal spin after the speech, the left wing media seemed to criticize her for not being specific, and speaking in generalities. But, that was exactly how Ronald Reagan galvanized the country and won two landslide victories in the eighties. She was interrupted multiple times by an energized  audience that at one point during the question and answer session began chanting, "run Sarah run."

During that question and answer session, she said the Tea Party movement didn't need a leader, "like a bunch of sheep," but would do good to continue as a grass roots movement, implying that bottom up was the best way for a movement still finding its voice, and increasing with time. The liberals should be reeling as she has become a rock star with little competition as the administrations main foil, who seems to be able to gender a response from the White House and the liberal media for every criticism she levels against them.

Not only was her Tea Party speech a smashing success, but her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, showed her ability to field question with concise answers with great conviction and complete ease. Her Response to a question of NBC's recent attack involving her Husband and emails he sent was defiant and without apology. She seems to be finding her voice, and always looks in control, as well as attractive and very amiable even in the face of tough questioning. She has a way of disarming the questioner with an inner joy and peace of mind that signals she believes what she's saying. She also said she would run for president if she believed it would be best for the country and the Palin family.

The liberal mantra, that she is not qualified and is a dunderhead is becoming old, tired and easily refuted in the light of her most recent media appearances. The liberals elitists like to talk in nuance and complexity, but the American people want to hear common sense conservative solutions to enormous problems we face as a country. If  the elitists can complicate the solutions, they can exclude those every day Americans from a voice at the table. What Sarah does is speak directly to those same Americans and give them a feeling they can and should be part of the solution. She gives them a voice, and that's why her popularity is growing with every speech and appearance. The American people are hearing her give voice to their concerns about a federal government that seems completely out of control and talking down to those questioning their agenda. That is a powerful voice, that will continue to garner allegiance from the disenfranchised. Every day brings greater faith for a conservative revolution with Sarah leading the way..
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