Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biden Talks About Sarah

"May I call you Joe," Biden appeared on the Larry King show the other day, and Larry asked him what he thought of Sarah Palin. Joe tried to appear polite in his condescending way, by first of all saying, "I like her." It's instructive that he obviously is approaching the whole Palin phenomenon in a different way than the Chris Matthews' and the rest of the Lame Stream media. After all, he's the vice president. He doesn't want to say what he'd really like to say, so he approaches it a little more diplomatically. "I like her, but," is looking more like the administration's method of  belittling Sarah without appearing to have contracted Palin Derangement syndrome. "She's engaging, and has a great personality," he says, but, there's that unavoidable but, we were all waiting to hear. He emphasizes, "I don't agree with her," he says. "Some of the things she says, are not, well." implying I don't want to say she's crazy, But, "some of her comments she's made, are so far out there, I don't know where they come from." Then he goes on to belittle the Palin supporters, and the Tea Party movement in the same condescending way, implying it's not a large enough movement to cause any real concern.

First of all Joe, lets tackle, the concept of what's way far out there. Maybe a lot of people feel a one and a half trillion dollar deficit for this fiscal year is a "bit out there." Maybe trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future is considered "way far out there." Maybe the concept of the government taking over car companies and attempting to take over our health care system is "out there." The concept of huge tax increases and a constant near 10% unemployment rate is "seriously out there." How about mortgaging our kids future and the prospect of a lower standard of living is that "out there?"  I like you Joe, you have a great personality, but, a national energy tax on all consumers so you and the messiah can pursue your pie in the sky green energy utopia could be considered by some as, "out there."

Now let me ask you Joe. May I call you Joe? who's really out there? Who are the real extremists?  Is it Sarah, her followers, and the Tea Party movement? Or is it you Joe, and that, I quote your words, "clean articulate black man" that chose you to be his vice president? Could it be that Sarah, and those disenfranchised  you talk about are really fighting against extremism? Fighting against extreme, "out there" spending and taxation. Fighting against extreme "way out there" government interference in the private sector. Could they be wrestling against mortgaging their children's future because of extreme "out there " deficits. Maybe it's the concept of a government deciding winners and losers to reward political allies and punish those who disagree with them is considered by some as "way far out there."

Joe, you know what, I like you. You're a very engaging man, with a bright smile and appealing personality. But,  your concept of what and who are "way far out there," is "way far out there.." But, it's good to see the White house has let you out for a while. We know it was only Larry King, but that's a beginning. I'm sure a few people saw the interview, and we are blessed that other media outlets picked it up so we could hear your concepts of "out there.". It's a good thing Larry asked you about Sarah Palin. If he hadn't, probably no one would have heard anything you had to say. So Joe, be thankful you have Sarah. We know you believe she and many like her are a small movement, but, they did garner you some well deserved attention.
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