Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sarah's Debut

Sarah Palin took her first step in quieting critics and encouraging supporters with her debut on the O'Reilly Factor on Tuesday. She of course was attacked immediately by left wing bloggers and the mainstream media who continue to take pot shots and spread half truths. It's amazing that on  60 minutes Sunday, almost ten minutes were spend on the allegations regarding Sarah during the campaign, in the just released book "Game Change," and nothing was mentioned about Harry Reid and Bill Clinton's racially insensitive comments during the same period. It proves once again the fear the left has for The Governor, and their insistence to continue the nonstop propaganda war against her. They keep sighting polls that they say, show the American people don't believe she's qualified to be president. So my question is than, why are they so worried? If the American people don't want her as president why do they feel they have to take her out?

Chris Matthews made the statement on his bottom feeding MSNBC show, "hardball," that, "how can she be a commentator, when she doesn't know anything." Well, Chris, she was smart enough to sign on with a network that completely buries yours in the ratings, which ensures she will seen by far more people than even your wildest dreams. I can't wait to see the new numbers for the different cable news shows after she's been on for a few months. As far as CNN is concerned, their non stop vilification has backfired big time, as Fox now has the attention getter that will continue their rise and ensure CNN's slide. Now all they have left to compete is the Playgirl centerfold expert commentator, Levi Johnston. Good luck with that. They thought their Levi episodes would boost their ratings, and now they're stuck with the stark reality that all their sniper attacks have made Sarah stronger and boosted the viewership of their competitor. Although you can't really put CNN and Fox News ' ratings in the same hemisphere, because Fox has gone stratospheric.

It's beginning to appear that the left wing media, like the left wing administration, have both overstepped and caused the opposite reaction from the American people. The more they push their agenda the more the people push back, and the more popular Sarah Palin becomes. ABC is the new current purveyor of Palin impaling, as they stick the knife in on a segment of "Good Morning America," the morning after her debut on the Factor. They finally have to admit that she is still very popular with conservatives all around the country, which is probably the purpose of their nonstop assassination effort. They understand that conservatism is now the dominant political trend in the country, and Sarah's common sense approach is attractive to a public, weary of left leaning lunacy. The left has never learned that one indisputable truth, when you attack a person of charater and principle you help them to grow and excel.
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