Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah's Loyalty

Sarah Palin's decision to campaign for and with John McCain in his reelection bid in the state of Arizona has many conservatives up in arms. I myself, am dumbfounded that anyone would even question her loyalty to the  man, that by choosing her as his vice presidential pick in 2008, made her a national figure, and a viable candidate for president in 2012. All conservatives understand that McCain is not a conservative in the tradition of Ronald Reagan or Sarah Palin. His fingerprints on an immigration bill that in essence granted amnesty to millions of illegals, while legal immigrants waited years in a process that the 2007 bill circumvented, was anathema to conservatives. His crafting of a campaign finance bill with Russ Feingold, did nothing but empower democrats and stifle Republican fund raising, and advocacy. The Supreme Court just this week did the proper thing and struck down most of that bill, and once again upheld the first amendment rights of all Americans to advocate for a candidate or position.

McCain has also been a proponent of global warming hysteria that differed little from his 2008 opponent Barack Obama. He and Palin had a serious difference of opinion on oil exploration in ANWR, and other energy policies during the campaign. He was also the darling of the left wing media and spent many Sunday's on television because of his opposition to some republican initiatives. The left loved him and his maverick label, until of course he became the opponent of their chosen one, Barack Obama. Even though he is a man of honor and a war hero there are many reasons for conservatives to consider him not one of them. But, the idea that Sarah Palin shouldn't support and work for the reelection of the man that stood with her during the 2008 campaign is ludicrous. He has supported her, and said nothing untoward about her, even though members of his campaign have spent the last 18 months trashing and belittling her. He has kept the high ground and been loyal to her.

Let's all get a grip and remember that loyalty is also a conservative trait. I wish all republican senators and congress men and women were as conservative as Sarah Palin. But, just because John McCain is not the conservative we desire in the senate, he did introduce us to Sarah Palin, and I like most of you, are thankful he did.
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  1. You help those that help you. Palin comes from a self-reliant society where help is given to those who help you. She is loyal and duty bound. Does anyone think that the Republic will be better off with a democrat senator from AZ?

  2. She said, I think it was to Beck, “I gave him my word.” A politician that keeps her word? She’s like the anti-Obama.