Monday, January 18, 2010

Let Sarah Swing The Bat

As Sarah Palin continues her quest to become a reputable political analyst on Fox News, she is receiving some criticism from even conservative voices. But, much of that criticism should be pointed toward the shows hosts, as they seemed to make the segments about her and her constant nemesis, the mainstream media. Isn't it time to move past all that and let her do the job she was hired to do. It is understandable that the first appearances on O'Reilly and Hannity, as well as Beck would include some give and take about the constant pounding she has taken. But, most of that was covered on her book tour interviews, and it's now time to let her do her thing. I for one believe that she can and will be a productive and provocative analyst if she stays away from conservative talking points, and begins to seriously study and prepare herself for the issues of the day.

Many of her Facebook postings over the last several months have been full of very in depth and serious policy positions, that were both informative and enlightening. They were also well timed to coincide with Obama agenda items that were currently being debated. She had the administration responding to everything she was saying, and receiving enormous support from the conservative base, and of course an enormous pounding from the liberal elites. She was and can still drive the agenda and put the administration on the defensive.

My hope is that in the next several weeks as she appears on Fox, the hosts will ask her in depth policy questions and let her shine as she does on her Facebook and Twitter postings. We also have to give her some room to make mistakes because of course television is a unforgiving format, and verbal gaffes will be exploited by the left. Beck mentioned how guarded she was, and who could blame her after what she's been through the last year and a half. In time I'm sure she will shine brightly, as no one could have accomplished as much as her and endured such vitriol without a huge learning curve and enormous personal character. I conducted a poll on this sight and found that 68% say her character is her most appealing characteristic, and second at 31% is her policy positions.

I for one am excited to see her take on the establishment in no uncertain terms. The best way to silence her critics is by provocative and insightful analysis, that goes to the heart of the countries current situation, that of course is being exacerbated by the Obama administration and democrats in congress. So, O'Reilly and Hannity, and Beck, and whatever other hosts she appears with, she's a big girl, so lay off the softballs, and let her swing the bat.
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