Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sarah Celebrates Pro-life Ad

Sarah Palin is speaking out against Women's groups like NOW, for their hysterical reaction to a pro-life super bowl add that features Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. Sarah seems to be one conservative with the courage and fortitude to call out these so-called women's groups on their hypocrisy and double standard. Of course Sarah comes to this argument with a living proof of how a choice for life, even under difficult conditions, doesn't have to be a career killer. Her life exemplifies the new empowered woman who can have a family, a career, and do it all with grace and success even with the birth of a special needs child.

These so-called women's groups seem to despise her because she has proven their contentions irrelevant, and provided a living model for young women in similar situations. The add is a inspirational story of a woman making a decision against the advice of doctors that carrying her child to term could be unwise. Well the obvious results stands before the world to see. Tim Tebow is the kind of son every parent dreams of.

The feminist opposition to an add like this is not a celebration of choice, but rather a close minded manipulation of the media to support their agenda, and Sarah for one is calling them out. I find her instantaneous response to the most controversial issues refreshing. She has no fear of wading deeply into the mud pit of rhetorical debate to pull out nuggets of inspirational truth that inspires the conservative mind set.

Her face book posting earlier this week attacks Obama and his insistence that the American people just don't seem to be getting what he's trying to do, and therefore his agenda is suffering because of a communication problem. She rightfully excoriates his insistence to bring in old campaign personnel to simple re-package the old message, instead of listening to what the voters are saying and demanding. David Plouffe's admonition that Obama supporters just need to get on the same page, when the book needs to be scrapped, shows contempt for the people. Thank you Sarah for continuing your fight for common sense solutions that could bring this economy out of the doldrums. We appreciate your ready and steady hand to speak out in opposition to dangerous and costly policies.
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