Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sarah Under Attack!

Well, the media, Democrats and some insider Republicans are at it again. They continue their full frontal attack on Sarah Palin, in some very absurd ways. Steve Schmidt the former head of the McCain campaign continues his blistering attacks, probably to try and shift blame from a failed campaign that he helped orchestrate, to Sarah Palin. He states on a 60 minutes interview that Sarah was not well prepared for the Biden debate, and everyone on the staff was worried it was going to be a debacle of historic and epic proportions. Only problem, it wasn't. Everyone I talked to thought  Sarah easily won that debate and made Biden look un-prepared. She was right on her game, and her "drill baby drill," correction of Bidens, "Drill drill drill" comment was priceless. She came across as prepared and relaxed, and full of common sense solutions and answers to all questions. She Attacked the Obama agenda relentlessly, a lesson John McCain should have learned himself.

So what is the reason for this story to come out now, in light of a very well performed debate by Sarah. It's not hard to understand. The media still has a bulls eye on her head, and her recent book tour success means they have to work extra hard to try and bring her negatives up, and her positives down. Schmidt and others like him are enjoying the media's constant invitations to trash Sarah, and demean her in any way possible, because once you've headed a monumental flop of a  campaign the only way to rehabilitate yourself is shift the blame, and they know the media will welcome any attack on Sarah. Of course this recent attack is ridiculous, and shows the extent they'll go to reach their goals.

It's also clear the democrats in general will attack Sarah also, because she is a lightening rod to both the left and right. Senator John Kerry in a recent fund raising letter is using Sarah and the Tea Party Movement to try and stir the base. He says in the letter, "just imagine what Washington would look like if a bunch of new senators inspired by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd took over." Well, from my perspective, it would be wonderful, and what many of us have been working for. They see Sarah and the Tea Party movement as a legitimate threat to their majority, so let's continue the fight to make it happen...

We all might as well get used to the continued attacks on our favorite little politician, and be prepared to push back in every way possible, even if it's one person at a time. The elites in the media and democrat party, as well as vengeful republicans, know that there's a movement a foot that will squash the Obama agenda, and propel a new movement of citizen politicians to undo the damage of decades of special interest bribes, massive debt, and unchecked arrogance that is killing the private sector, and creating a ruling elite mentality that despises freedom loving Americans. We must push back, as the little general leads..
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  1. To me, she’s not a little general, she’s a five star. She still stands up to the Republican establishment (CPAC), after more than a year of continually fighting the Dems, half the GOP, and the media. And still she’s not backing down. I understand now about the pit bull, barracuda, mother bear, stuff. I think she’s fearless.