Friday, January 8, 2010

Sarah's Standing On Principle

The revelation that Sarah rebuffed an invitation to speak at a CPAC, "Conservative Political Action Committee" convention and instead accepted the invitation to be the headliner at the Tea Party convention is getting much news. This, coupled with a recent article that the GOP hierarchy is souring on Palin as a presidential candidate in 2012 is making it look as though Palin may be pushed to run as a third party candidate if she decides to seek the presidency in 2012. Palin's refusal to speak at CPAC, because the head of the American Conservative Union which organizes for CPAC, is David Keene, whom Palin has had issues with.  Politco reported in July that the American Conservative Union, ACU, Tried, but failed to shake down FedX for two to three million dollars for ACU's support in a legislative dispute with UPS. The shakedown failed and ACU supported UPS instead.

Sarah is showing that principle and core believes are her motivation, not special interest. She is obviously becoming the one politician that is holding true to what her core principles demand, and isn't schmoozing with the power brokers of both the GOP and conservative organizations that have lost their core. That dirty game that specializes in special interest and back room deals, has defined the health care debate, and all of the democrat's legislative agenda. It's a game the little Alaskan alien is not willing to play, and all who care about what  Washington has become should applaud her.

She will however headline the first ever Tea Party Convention in Nashville next month, which seems to be her natural constituency. The revulsion of Washington inside dealings as well as out of control spending, and growth of government was the boiling pot that steeped the Tea Party movement. Sarah has and will continue to speak out against this insidious trend threatening the very fabric of our republic. It's encouraging to see a principled common sense conservative, reflecting the views of so many around the country, who are yearning for responsible leadership, and accountable government.

As for ACU, CPAC, and the GOP hierarchy, it may be well time for them to reexamine their approach to fund raising, special interest, and politics in general. The American people are fed up with what they're seeing. The GOP seems hell-bent on destroying this golden opportunity to get on the right side of history, and make huge electoral gains. No more politics as usual applies to them as well as the democrat party. The latest appropriation bill was filled with huge earmarks for not just democrat but also republican legislators, and should be a sign to all, that the corrupt culture of Washington is not a one party phenomenon. Voting for "the lesser of two evils," come 2010, is not what the Tea Party and most voters are intending to do this November.

As far as Sarah is concerned, she doesn't need the endorsement of GOP bigwigs, and special interest conservative organizations. She has an army of agitated Americans, ready to bleed undying support for any politician willing to take on the bloated, and arrogant establishment in Washington, and stand on  principled common sense conservative values. The party apparatus, along with their sniper apparatchiks, may have the special interest artillery, but the fly over country commandos have the numbers and the passion to take the battle to them, with their little general leading them with integrity and common sense principles. All this reminds me of the scene from the movie Braveheart , when William Wallace Told Earl the Bruce that all would follow if he would just lead. Right now Sarah is leading, and we will follow with passionate determination.

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  1. She’s a woman of principle. This puts her among the good people of the world and miles above most politicians. I’m new to politics, and have a lot to learn, but I don’t understand why many Republicans hate her. (I know why the socialist Left does.) It’s not the other Republicans disagreeing with her policies that bothers me; it’s the hate and ridicule from the other Republicans. Aren’t we on the same team? Don’t we have primaries to argue who would be best?

  2. I think more than anything, they fear her because she has a connection with the average American, and they know they don't. Most conservative republicans love her, it's the GOP bigwigs that fear her. Thanks for the comment...